The White Mountain National Forest is located in the north center part of New Hampshire.
Where is this Forest?



Rumney Rocks Climbing Area is under construction that will greatly improve the experience and safety for climbers. Emerald Ash Borer has not been detected on the forest.Snowy winter scene.


2015 Seasonal Hiring Announcements and Vacancies

The seasonal hiring process on the White Mountain National Forest, and many forests nationwide will begin earlier than in years past.  It is not too late to start updating that resume and keep your eye to the website for the latest vacancy announcements.  

2015 Seasonal Vacancy Announcements


Rumney Rocks Climbing Area Undergoing Major Improvements

Rumney Rocks receives a new connector trail between climbing areas. Rumney Rocks, a popular climbing area is undergoing major improvements.  Years in the planning, a connector trail is being built between the visitor parking areas.  This improvement will address the longstanding issue of foot traffic on Buffalo Road - a typical winding, low visibility road.  Fees collected at White Mountain National Forest parking areas such as Rumney Rocks are being used to fund the majority of the project.  While the area is still under construction, at times it has to be signed closed while rock drilling and blasting is taking place.  Learn more about the construction and closure.

Good News: No Emerald Ash Borer Found on the Forest this Year

Girdled ash tree can be an attractant for Emerald Ash Borers.  Forest employees and partners joined forces again in late November to inspect several ash trees for Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), an invasive insect found in communities across southern New Hampshire. The day-long project found no evidence of the Emerald Ash Borer; a collective sigh of relief for another year.  Forest partners, including the New Hampshire Forest Health Program and State of Maine spent the day providing an update on EAB presence in NH, signs to positively identify EAB presence in ash trees, and helped inspect sample trees.  

The Emerald Ash Borer infests an area and kills the resident ash trees through transportation of infested firewood.  Please remember that throughout the year there is no firewood transportation across state lines, and quarantine areas have been established in southern New Hampshire where infestations have been identified.  Learn more about these quarantine areas and be mindful and buy local firewood.



Learning Lichens Curriculum

Students survey lichens on a plot near their school.

Lichens can be studied every season of the year and in nearly every location. Learning Lichens will introduce high school and advanced middle school students to intriguing lichen ecology, identification, and values to humans. Teachers can use these four lessons to help their students develop their observational, research design, and field inventory skills. Students will also be able to relate lichen ecology to its valuable use as a bioindicator of air quality and old growth habitat. The curriculum includes 4 lessons, student data sheets and protocols, teacher notes, and instructional PowerPoints for teachers and students. Everything needed for the field inventory lesson is included in a kit that can be borrowed from the White Mountain National Forest. Learning Lichens has been developed and field tested by high school ecology teacher, Sarah Thorne and her students at Prospect Mt. High School in Alton, NH.

Winter Recreating: Careful Planning Required

Winter is a rewarding season to recreate.

Winter is a special time on the forest.  It is also a time to be extra cautious.  Keep the following in mind as you prepare for a day visiting the forest.

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Share the Gift of the Great Outdoors

Give the gift of a Recreation Pass

Not sure what to give your loved one this holiday season?  Recreation Passes make great holiday gifts!

Animal Tracks

Example of a couple of animal tracks

With just a skiff of snow on the ground, great adventures can be made sleuthing who is leaping, bounding, and chasing in your backyard.