The White Mountain National Forest is located in the north center part of New Hampshire.
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White Mountain National Forest Artist in Residence ~ Ben Cosgrove

Artist in Residence Banner image Ben Cosgrove describes himself as a composer, multi-instrumentalist, essayist and touring performer with a deep interest in the human relationship to landscape and place.  Since his residency began, he has toured extensively around the forest, performed at a couple of public events, worked on essays and musical compositions, and looks forward to upcoming perfomances at various venues in communities surrounding the forest.  He is an engaging artist with perfomances not to be missed.

Ben will be performing at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest 60th Anniversary on October 10.  Learn more

Ben Cosgrove, Artist in Residence 

Ben Cosgrove performances

The Artist in Residence Program is a collaborative partnership between the White Mountain National Forest and the Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire -

Autumn in the White Mountain National Forest

View of 4th Iron railroad bridge during autumn foliage Autumn in the White Mountain National Forest is spectacular.  The days of often cool and crisp and the foliage stunning.  There are a number of scenic drives and hundreds of miles of hiking to explore.  Get started planning your journey.

Check out these helpful sites to get started:

Fall Foliage Tracker,

White Mountain Region, Visit White Mountains 


End of Summer Means Huge Caloric Intake for Bears - Put Your Food Away

black bear  Always put your food away in your vehicle when not actively dining and keep your backpack with you at all times.

While it may be hot and summery outside, to bears and other animals this is the time to store food or pack on the weight. They are frantically trying to prepare for the leaner months and your accessible cooler and bags of food are too inviting for them to avoid. If a bear should enter your camping area or site while you are dining, bang pots and pans, yell at them and continue to make a lot of noise.  This kind of discouragement often deters a bear.  Always report a bear siting or encounter to the campground host.   Bear encounters are less likely if you follow food storage guidelines at all time.  Visitors will receive a citation for sites where visitors have not properly stored their food as described in the guidelines.  


Autumn Recreating: Don't Head Out without the 10 Essentials

Autumn is a rewarding season to recreate.

Autumn is a special time on the forest, but it is also a time to be more vigilant in trip planning and preparedness.  Keep the following in mind as you prepare for a day visiting the forest.

Water Safety

Image of screen capture for WMNF Water Safety YouTube video.

Heavy rain can create potentially dangerous and life threatening situations if attempting a water crossing or simply getting too close to take the perfect picture.  
Refresh your water recreating safety knowledge before heading out on your trip.

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Every Kid in a Park

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Calling all 4th graders... Do you love the outdoors?  Do you have some memorable experiences exploring outside?