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Title-image.  Wildlife, Fish and Rare Plants Management System.  Painting a Picture of Accomplishements and Opportunities on our National Forests.  Illustration of frame with rainbow coming through the frame.

Greetings and welcome to the USDA Forest Services Wildlife, Fish, and Rare Plant Management System!

The Management System (WFRP-MS) is an electronic activity database providing Forest Service Partners and interested publics the opportunity to see what is being accomplished to protect, conserve, restore wildlife, fisheries and endangered species habitat and populations located within your National Forests and Grasslands.

Burrowing Owls

The WFRP-MS also provides information specific to the Forest Service's NatureWatch Program, a program designed to encourage viewing wildlife, fish, and wildflowers along with specific educational projects and programs.

The information in the WFRP-MS is entered by field-level biologists, botanists, and environmental education specialists as they accomplish their work on the ground. Each entry brings you a narrative of the project along with expenditures and photographs. One of the most important features of the WFRP-MS is the ability to search for outyear opportunities where you, or your organization, can partner to help us achieve habitat management objectives and environmental education outreach efforts.

Please use the links provided to explore the WFRP-MS. It is sure to provide you an inside look at what is being accomplished on your National Forest and Grasslands.

Get the most out of the Management System web site.

This web site was designed to provide the user access to accomplishment, expenditure, and opportunity data captured by field biologists in the areas of Wildlife, Fish, Endangered Species, and NatureWatch.

How to Use the Management System:

First Time Users - Please read first before proceeding!!

Report - Descriptions

Acronyms - Department and FS acronym list

2004 Partnerships for Habitat Improvement Report - Electronic format. Generated from the database. Reports after 2004 were not rolled over into this same electronic format. The WFRP-MS oversight teams are reviewing this report and the information presentation.

Want to know about OPPORTUNITIES? Go to the "First Time Users" or "Enter the Database" to run a focused report.

Formerly known as "Partnerships for Habitat" Report and was previously only available in print copy.

Find A Photo - Need to Find a photo?
Try using the Forest Service Wildlife, Fish, and Plant Find-a-Photo website to find copyright-free (public domain) photographs of wildlife, fish, plants, and habitat management/research work. Many of the photographs in database were taken from WFRP projects.

Fish - Chinnook

Please note: Photographs are for personal use or educational purposes only. These photos MAY NOT be used for profit.


Enter the Management System Database
Please be advised, the interpretation of the raw data is left to the user.
Read the Report - Descriptions prior to using the WFRP Management System database for the first time.

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