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Bitterroot National Forest Trail Status Information

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Members of the public are welcome to use this tool to view and search what trails and when those trails were cleared of down trees on Bitterroot National Forest trails. Updates to trail clearing status are representative of conditions during a single point in time. Conditions on the ground are dynamic and can change quickly and considerably due to weather events (wind, rain, etc.), wildfire impacts, wildlife activity, and other factors. Please contact the local Bitterroot National Forest district office to confirm information is up to date.

Map Navigation

In the top left corner of the map, use the + and - buttons to zoom in and out. You can also use your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out.

The button with a house returns the map to its default extend covering the whole Bitterroot National Forest

The Button right below the home button, opens the map bookmarks. Clicking one of those will pan and zoom the map to that location.

The Button in the top right corner of the map that looks like a stack is your layers button. Select that and you get a layers tab and a legend tab. The layers tab allows you to change a layers visibility by clicking the eyeball. The Legends tab will show you the symbology for all layers visible in the map.

The next button down with 4 squares on it is your Basemap button. Select it and you can change to a different basemap. To return to the default, select the USGS National Map from the bottom of the list.

The next button that looks like a ruler is the measure button. Select it and you can measure lengths or areas in the map.

Selecting Features for More Information

Clicking on any of the Trails, Cleared Trails or Recreation Points will launch a popup with information about that feature. If the popup by default is right by the feature you select, but you can use the icon in the top right corner next to the X to dock the popup in the upper right of the map. Click the same icon to undock the popup. When selecting a feature if you select more than one feature you will see a 1 of # in the bottom right corner. Use the < or > arrows to scroll between features or click the 1 of # icon and select which feature you want to view attributes from. These icons will be in the upper right corner of the popup if you have click the icon to dock the popup.

Using the Table

At the bottom of the page you have an attribute table showing the records in the Bitterroot NF Cleared Trails layer. The fields can be sorted by clicking on the field header (gray box with Bold text). In the upper left of the attribute table is a search box. You can search the trails by trail number or trail name. When you search the records in the table will show only those values that match the search and the map will also only show those records. Click the X at the right side of the search box to cancel your search and make all features visible in the map and table. Selecting a record in the table will highlight the selected trail segment and the map will zoom to the selected trail segment.

In the upper right of the attribute table you have 5 buttons. The first a check mark and lines shows only selected records in the table. The second button, the trash can, clears your selection. The third button refreshes the table. The fourth button with the eye allows you to show/hide columns in the table. The 4th button with 4 circles is the Action button and it allows you to export all or export selected records. Use the Export to CSV to export to an Excel compatible document.

If you would like to hide the attribute table and see more of the map, you can click on the little tab at the top center of the attribute table panel. Click the same tab to re open the attribute table.

Trail Clearing Status Map

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