Jellico Integrated Resource Management Strategy

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The Daniel Boone National Forest, Stearns Ranger District, assessed the Jellico area and sought input for potential projects to move the area towards the desired future condition as described in the Forest Plan. This page documents the efforts of that original IRMS process, but any land management decisions for the Jellico area will be documented on the official Jellico Vegetation Management Project page. 

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About Jellico

The Jellico area is the furthest southeastern portion of the Stearns Ranger District, bordering Tennessee. This area is split between McCreary and Whitley counties in Kentucky, encompassing the well-known areas of Stephens Knob, Ryan’s Mountain, and Wolf Knob. This area includes Stearns’ only designated old growth which is nearly all contained between Jellico Creek and the Tennessee.

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Jellico Vicinity Map PDF

Take a Virtual Field Trip

The Daniel Boone National Forest, Stearns Ranger District, has prepared a virtual, self-paced field trip to share findings from the field and next steps for the Jellico Integrated Management Strategy (IRMS) analysis. Take the tour to learn more about the area and provide your own feedback on our findings.

Jellico IRMS Virtual Field Trip

Review Public Input from the IRMS Process

The public was invited to provide observations, recommendations and questions to the Jellico IRMS team during Winter 2022. This feedback was used by land managers to inform the Jellico Vegetation Management Project.

Jellico IRMS Public Input Summary