Contacting each Ranger District office directly is the best way to gather the most up-to-date and detailed information about recreation sites, roads, trails, events and specific questions you may have.

If you are interested in forest-wide information, or don't know which office you should contact, the supervisor's office will be able to help you. 

Salmon-Challis National Forest
Forest Supervisor's Office
1206 S. Challis Street
Salmon, ID 83467
(208) 756-5100

Forest Supervisor:  Charles A. Mark

Deputy Forest Supervisor:  Heather DeGeest

Ranger Districts

Challis-Yankee Fork/Middle Fork Ranger District
311 N. US Highway 93
Challis, ID 83226
Challis-Yankee Fork (208) 879-4100
Middle Fork (208) 879-4101 
Distict Ranger: Heath Perrine
Deputy District Ranger:  Nick Schade (acting)

Leadore Ranger District
103 Ranger Street
P.O. Box 180 Hwy 28
Leadore, ID 83464
(208) 768-2500

District Ranger: Bobbi Filbert

Lost River Ranger District

716 W Custer
P.O. Box 507
Mackay, ID 83251
(208) 588-3400

District Ranger:  Jonathan LeBlanc

North Fork Ranger District
11 Casey Rd.
PO Box 180
North Fork, ID 83466
(208) 865-2700 

Email:  Main Salmon River Program

District Ranger:  Chris Waverek

Salmon/Cobalt Ranger District
311 McPherson St.
Salmon, ID 83467
(208) 756-5200

District Ranger:  Bobbi Filbert