Revision Timeline & Process

Our Timeline

The Salmon-Challis National Forest Plan Revision timeline is under construction. In September 2019, Forest Supervisor Chuck Mark announced the Salmon-Challis National Forest will evaluate the 1988 Salmon Forest Plan and the 1987 Challis Forest Plan separately. Previous estimates of a Fall 2019 draft plan are no longer accurate. A new timeline will be developed once public feedback has been gathered to inform steps moving forward.

Phases of Revision

The Forest Plan Revision process is guided by the 2012 Planning Rule.

Phase I – Assessment

This phase involves an evaluation or relevant information including existing ecological, economic and social conditions and trends across the broader landscape the will help inform the need to change the current forest plans. For detailed information about this phase, check our Assessment page.

Phase II – Plan Development

In this phase, the 1987 and 1988 plans are revised.  The process for revising a plan includes:  preliminary identification of the need to change the plan based on the assessment, development of a proposed plan, consideration of the environment effects of the proposal, providing an opportunity to comment on the proposed plan, providing an opportunity to object and come to resolution and finally, a Record of Decision for the revised plan and Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).  For detailed information about this phase, check our Plan Development page.

Phase III – Monitoring

Monitoring provides feedback by testing relevant assumptions, tracking relevant conditions over time and measuring management effectiveness.  Biennial monitoring evaluation reports document whether a change to the plan or change to the monitoring program is warranted based on new information, whether a new assessment may be needed or whether there is no need for change at that time.

The Monitoring Phase is an ongoing endeavor.