Frequently Asked Questions

The Ouachita National Forests cover over 1.8 million acres of land across Arkansas and Oklahoma. That's a lot of land for outdoor enthusiasts to try to learn about during the short jog through our website. To help you along the journey, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions our office receives daily. Any questions that are not addressed below will gladly be addressed by calling any one of our National Forest offices.

  1. Where can I purchase maps?

  2. How do I save the dying oaks in my yard?

  3. Can I reserve campsites?

  4. Where can I purchase passes and permits?

  5. How do I contact a district office?

  6. Where can I ride my All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) or Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV)?

  7. Are there cabins to rent?

  8. Is my car safe?

  9. Can I take my dog?

  10. When is the best time to see fall colors?

Where can I purchase maps?

Ouachita National Forest Maps area available for purchase at the district offices as well as the Forest Supervisor's Office in Hot Springs.  The maps can also be purchased online through the USGS store. Map options are available on our page.


How do I save the dying oaks in my yard?

The Arkansas Forestry Commission handles all private land issues. You can contact them at:

Arkansas Forestry Commission
Little Rock, AR 72204
Phone: (501) 296-1940

You can also visit their web site at:

The Oklahoma Forestry Services handles private land issues in Oklahoma. You can contact them at:

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry
2800 North Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Phone: 405-522-6158

You can also visit their web site at:

Can I reserve campsites?

Most campsites are available to all on a first-come, first-served basis. Stop by or call the local ranger district office to find out which campsites are available. Some camp sites such as Cedar Lake and Cedar Lake Equestrian Camp, located in Oklahoma are reservable through 


Where can I purchase passes and permits?

Passes and permits are available from the Ouachita National Forest. They can be purchased at all the local districts and at the Supervisors Office in Hot Springs. For more information, visit our passes & permits page.

How do I contact a district office?

You can write or call your local ranger district office.

Where can I ride my All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) or Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV)?

 If you have any questions, contact the local ranger district.

Are there cabins for rent?
There is one group camping facility, Camp Clearfork, located on Womble Ranger District near Mount Ida, Arkansas. For reservations and additional information, contact the Womble Ranger District at 870-867-2101.

Is my car safe?
There are several precautions you as a car owner can take to increase the safety of your vehicles while parked on national forest lands.

  • Lock your car. As simple as this may sound, many people still forget to lock their doors.
  • Don't leave travel plans visible. A would-be-thief could use this information to indicate how long you will be away from your car.
  • Don't leave valuables inside your car.
  • Don't park your car with the trunk backed towards the woods. This provides cover for someone trying to break into your trunk.

Finally, if your car is vandalized, contact local law enforcement officials by calling "911" from a telephone or cell phone, or notify any Forest Service personnel and they will contact law enforcement for you.

Can I take my dog?
On trails, if you take your dog hiking, keep him under verbal or physical restraint at all times. Remember the Ouachita National Forest is a multi-use forest, which means depending on upon where you are, you and your dog may encounter horseback riders, mountain bikers, or off-highway vehicle riders, as well as a multitude of big or small native wildlife. Use a leash when in a crowd. And remember - hiking is hard work for a dog, especially if he's not used to long hikes in hot weather. Watch your pet for signs of stress and fatigue and give him plenty of water and rest.

In campgrounds, picnic areas, parking areas and trailheads, dogs must be on a leash and under control at all times. In these areas, dispose of their waste properly. If you tie your dog, find a shady spot and give him lots of attention to minimize barking, which could disturb other forest users.

When is the best time to view fall colors?
Peak fall colors season on the Ouachita NF usually begins the third week in October through the middle of November.