Florida National Scenic Trail

The Florida National Scenic Trail, better known as the Florida Trail, is a federally-designated, non-motorized recreation trail that meanders approximately 1,500 miles across some of the most beautiful, unique landscapes in the entire country.


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FNST Mapping Tools - UPDATE

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UPDATE -- The USDA Forest Service is excited to make available an ArcGIS Online map for the Florida National Scenic Trail. This beta version of the map is not designed for navigational purposes. It is intended for planning and management of the Florida Trail and is being updated regularly to reflect the most recent GIS data, including land management boundaries and designated trailheads, parking areas, and campsites. For hiking maps, please visit the website of the Florida Trail Association.

Natural Community Ecology Along the Florida Trail

Screencap of the Natural Communities Along the Florida Trail Storymap

Natural Community Ecology Along the Florida Trail is a collection of story maps detailing unique ecological topics, region by region. The regional components highlight interesting natural communities in their areas, share interpretive information, high-quality photos, and connect users to sections of trail that they can explore.

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Your Florida Trail

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Explore Your Florida Trail Story Map, which takes a deeper look at the Florida Trail.

What is the Florida National Scenic Trail?

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What is the Florida National Scenic Trail? How is it managed? What does it look like? Check out the FTA's video to answer all these questions and more!


National Trail System Training Video

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While this training video is geared towards Forest Service staff, anyone is likely to learn a thing or two about ...

Junior Explorer Program

Speedy the Gopher Tortoise

Become a certified Junior Explorer! Kids and parents can join Speedy the Gopher Tortoise for a curriculum-based, educational adventure on the Florida Trail.

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