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Forest Insect & Disease Leaflets (FIDLs)

Publication cover of Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle FIDL

Featured FIDL

The coconut rhinoceros beetle Oryctes rhinoceros is a major pest of coconut, oil and ornamental palms on many tropical islands across the Pacific Ocean. This FIDL describes its historic spread, natural history, damage, and provides practical methods for monitoring and management.

FIDLs Overview

The Forest Insect and Disease Leaflet (FIDL) series includes over 180 leaflets, produced under the auspices of the US Forest Service's Forest Health Protection staff and state partners. Each FIDL provides information about one -- or several closely related -- insect or disease affecting forest trees in the United States. FIDLs describe their subject's distribution, appearance, life cycle, symptoms, and management. The FIDL series includes a broad range of insects and pathogens from across the United States with both conifer and broad-leaf tree hosts. The early publications in this series (1955-late 1970's) were called "Forest Pest Leaflets".

FIDLs are prepared or revised when local forest entomologists and pathologists recognize a need for high-quality, concise information about an important forest insect or disease and come together to prepare and develop new editions. We welcome offers to revise existing FIDLs and prepare new ones. Approximately 10 New or Revised FIDLs are in preparation at all times. If you would like to write a FIDL, please contact your regional FIDL Contact or the National FIDL Coordinator, Karen Ripley, for more information.

FIDL Publications

Quickly find a FIDL by selecting column headers to sort or type in a keyword, such as author, type (Insect or Pathogen), category (Bark Beetles & Wood Borers; Sucking Insects; Defoliator; Shoot, Twig and Tip Insects; Seed & Cone, Seedling Insects; Nursery Diseases; Canker; Rusts; Rots & Decays; Root Diseases and Wilts; Mistletoes; Foliage Diseases; Multiple Agents (Complexes); or Unknown Agents), range (East or West), host category (Conifer or Hardwood) or host name in the search box. Start a new search by simply deleting or replacing old keyword and entering a new keyword. By selecting the "+" icon of a row, additional information, such as citation, of that row will be displayed.


Want to Write or Revise a FIDL?

We welcome offers to revise existing FIDLs or create new ones. View guidelines for authors. Please contact your regional FIDL contact or the national FIDL coordinator, Karen Ripley (503-808-2674, if you are thinking of revising or writing a FIDL.