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Ecological Subregions of the United States

Compiled by W. Henry McNab and
Peter E. Avers
Prepared in cooperation with
Regional Compilers and the
ECOMAP Team of the Forest Service
July 1994

This document contains the biophysical descriptions of the Sections as depicted on the map "Ecoregions and Subregions of the United States," dated June 1994. The basis for the map and this document is the National Hierarchical Framework of Ecological Units (ECOMAP 1993). This framework provides a standardized method for classifying, mapping, and describing ecological units at various geographic planning and analysis scales.

This text, which supplements the map by describing the delineated Section ecological units, is the product of collaboration and teamwork by compilers from all Forest Service Regions, other Forest Service administrative units, States, and individuals. Because this document presents information on a wide range of environmental, biological, and cultural characteristics of ecosystems at the subregion scale, many compilers were involved in its development. Each compiler drew upon personal knowledge of environmental relationships and mapping principles and obtained help from other resource specialists to develop these map unit descriptions.

This text should be viewed as a continually evolving and refined draft of our ability to recognize and describe ecosystems at the subregion scale. Because this is the first edition and it was prepared by many persons in a short time, this text undoubtedly contains errors and perhaps omits pertinent information. Also, because our current knowledge of ecosystems is limited, new relationships will be discovered continually. The Forest Service is committed to management based on ecological principles and intends to update the subregion map and this text as required. Users should report errors in this document and new knowledge applicable at the Section level in the national hierarchy to the Forest Service Region primarily responsible for its compilation. Addresses of Regional contacts are listed in Appendix E. Comments and suggestions about this document as a whole should be directed to the Chief, USDA Forest Service, Box 96090, Washington, DC. 20090-6090, ATTN: Ecosystem Management.

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