About the Forest

 The Daniel Boone National Forest features four ranger districts: CumberlandLondonStearns and Redbird. The district ranger and the staff is your first point of contact with the Forest Service. They are your best source of specific information about recreation opportunities.

These areas are intermingled with private and state land in eastern Kentucky. The forest headquarters, referred to as the Supervisor's Office, is located in Winchester, Kentucky. 

In February 1937 a national forest for Kentucky was officially established under a proclamation signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Originally named the Cumberland National Forest, the forest was renamed in 1966 as the Daniel Boone National Forest in recognition of the adventurous frontiersman that explored much of this Kentucky region.

The Daniel Boone National Forest is among 155 national forests, 20 national grasslands and other public land utilizations totaling 193 million acres in 44 states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The national forest system is managed by the Forest Service under the jurisdiction of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The Forest Service was established in 1905 for the conservation management of natural resources and to provide our nation with a sustained yield of forest products for future use.

The forest is managed for multiple uses, including recreation, timber, wildlife, fish, water, minerals and wilderness. The diverse landscape of the forest provides a home for thousands of plant and animal species, including species that are federally listed as threatened or endangered.

Counties with National Forest lands: Map of Kentucky showing the counties that contain national forest lands.

2021 Map of Counties with National Forest Lands

Boone Map with DistrictsAt the left is a vicinity map of the Daniel Boone National Forest. Colored areas show district boundaries.

For specific directions to areas of interest, request the Official Highway Map of Kentucky, printed by the Kentucky Tourism Development Cabinet and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. To request this map call 1-800-225-TRIP (8747) (TDD equipped), or write TRAVEL, PO Box 2011, Dept WWW, Frankfort, KY 40602. The map is available online at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

Map of Daniel Boone National Forest

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NOTE: Visitors to the forest may pass a roadway sign that says "Entering the Daniel Boone National Forest." Once beyond this sign, someone may assume that all the area they are passing through is national forest system land. This is often not the case. The Daniel Boone National Forest consists of nearly 708,000 acres within a 2.1-million acre boundary. Ownership is highly fragmented with private lands, and visitors often travel in and out of national forest land while on a road, lake, river, or trail.

Forest Ownership Map

Note: These maps only provide a general indication of approximate ownership patterns. To determine ownership of a particular area, topographical maps are more helpful. For the most accurate, up-to-date ownership of a specific area, each district office has a Land Status Atlas accessible to the public.

You may also visit our map page for information about ordering maps.

If you have specific questions about ownership, call or contact the Supervisor's Office at 859-745-3100.