Geospatial Data

GeoSpatial Data

If you would like to see some of the information we use in our management of the Daniel Boone National Forest, you can download the compressed shapefiles for the data listed below.

Here's what you'll need to view these files.

  1. A way to decompress or unzip the files. Recent versions of Windows will do this for you or you can use a zip/unzip program of your choice. Left-click the link to the type of information you want and save the .zip file to a folder on your hard drive. Then open the .zip file and extract the files in it to an appropriately named folder.

  2. Software to actually view the shapefiles. We suggest ArcExplorer from ESRI since the Forest Service uses ESRI software to create these files.

If you have never heard of GIS (Geographic Information System), you can learn more.