Maps & Publications

Forest brochures and maps are available at each forest office or may be ordered by using the brochure and map order form. A complete list of available products and prices are provided on the form. You may view samples of the maps prior to purchase at forest offices to determine if it is the product you need.

Check out the Cumberland Ranger District Habitat map showing Pioneer Weapons WMA, Wildfire Activity Since 2010, Wildlife Openings, Timber Harvests Since 2010 and Constructed Wildlife Wetlands. View map at:

Interactive Visitor Maps

Go to for an online view of Forest Service roads, trails, and recreation areas throughout the USA.

Trail Guides and Maps

Trail Guide sampleThese guides and maps provide information about trails, campgrounds and recreation areas. They include information such as directions, trail maps, descriptions, and conditions to expect. They are letter-sized, in pdf format.


Free brochures provide information similar to what is posted on this website. Please check the website or select from a download link below prior to ordering brochures.  Download times may be delayed due to the size of the file.

Cave Run Lake Brochure  
Laurel River Lake Brochure  
Natural Arch Scenic Area Brochure 
River Gorge Brochure

Junior Ranger Booklet

Forest Service Visitor Maps and Specialty Maps

All map products may be purchased using a check as described on the order form. The Red River Gorge, Cave Run, North, South and Central maps are also periodically available for purchase at the following websites if you wish to make a credit card purchase.

These maps are available for purchase at the U.S. Geological Survey Store, many Forest Service offices and other retail outlets.

Avenza Digital Maps

Some of our maps are available from the Avenza Maps online map store. For the best user experience, use our maps within a GPS-enabled mobile app such as Avenza Maps. USDA Forest Service maintains a partnership with Avenza Systems, Inc., to offer Forest Service maps on the Avenza Maps platform.

To find a map, go to Avenza's Get Maps page and search to locate a map.

Avenza Map Search 

The following maps are for sale on Avenza Maps:

  • Red River Gorge
  • Stearns Ranger District
  • Redbird Ranger District
  • Redbird Wildlife Management Area
  • Beaver Creek Wilderness

These Motor Vehicle Use Maps can be downloaded for free from Avenza Maps:

  • Cumberland District Motor Vehicle Use Maps
  • London District Motor Vehicle Use Maps
  • Stearns District Motor Vehicle Use Maps
  • Redbird District Motor Vehicle Use Maps

For Sale Paper Maps

Cave Run Lake and Red River Gorge maps are large fold-out plastic maps containing trail locations and topographic information at a scale of 1:24,000. These maps are ideal for hiking or other outdoor recreation pursuits in the Red River Gorge and Cave Run Lake areas.

The north, south and central forest maps are paper. Each covers approximately one third of the forest and does not illustrate topographic lines. The scale of forest maps is 1:126,720. This scale is sufficient for finding access routes to national forest system lands, but would usually not be adequate for field orienteering.

Motorized Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM) display National Forest System roads and trails that are designated as open to motorized travel by passenger vehicles or off-highway vehicles. The MVUM is a free 8 ½”x11” black and white map without topographic features. It is best used in conjunction with one of the forest maps listed above. MVUM maps are updated annually in January and may be printed from this website or mail ordered from the Daniel Boone National Forest or Avenza Maps.

Paper topographic quadrangle maps are also available at a scale of 1:24,000. See map order form.

View list of topographical maps