Passes & Permits

  • Recreation Passes & Permits

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    The Daniel Boone National Forest offers a variety of activities such as camping, OHV riding, boating and target shooting. While many of these activities are free, passes or permits may be required at certain recreation sites to help maintain, manage, and improve the facilities.

  • Forest Product Permits

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    The forest produces a variety of products, such as firewood or plants, which may require a permit to be harvested. By issuing permits to gather forest products, the Daniel Boone National Forest ensures the health, diversity, and productivity of these specific resources for generations to come.

  • Special Use Permits

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    Certain commercial and private uses of public lands require a "Special Use Authorization" through a Special Use Permit. These uses may include commercial photography, guiding tours, hosting events, conducting research, or maintaining a private residence in the Forest.