About the Region

National Forests in the Southern Region are managed to strike a balance between resource development and protecting wild places for recreation and wildlife. Southern Forests are highly productive with favorable climate conditions and plentiful rainfall. As a result, Southern Forests are a valuable source for wood and wood products.Additionally, forested lands in the South remove contaminants from air and streams; provide habitat for plants, animals, and birds; and supply abundant water for homes and industry. National Forests in the South are a popular recreation destination as well. With 1,695 developed recreation sites and 11,262 miles of trails, Southern National Forests are visited by more than 23 million people a year.

The Southern Region is a dynamic collection of lands, cared for by people as a legacy for future generations. We believe that benefits to people flow from healthy land, that healthy land is conserved through wise management, and that management is most effective when shared.

Southern Regional Leadership Team

Regional Forester for the Southern Region Ken Arney

  • The Regional Forester oversees National Forest System lands that encompass 13.3 million acres across the 13 southern states and Puerto Rico and coordinates with State Foresters in the delivery of cooperative state and private programs.

Deputy Regional Forester for Operations – Mary Morris

  • The Deputy Regional Forester for Operations is responsible for the Budget and Financial Management; Engineering; Recreation, Heritage, Wilderness and Volunteer Services; Operations Administrative Support; Acquisitions Management; and Safety and Health units.

Deputy Regional Forester for Natural Resources – Frank Beum

  • The Deputy Regional Forester for Natural Resources is responsible for the Biological and Physical Resources; Forest Management; Resource Information Management; Planning; and Office of Communication units.

Deputy Regional Forester for State & Private Forestry – Jan Davis

  • The Deputy Regional Forester for State & Private Forestry is responsible for the Fire and Aviation; Forest Health; and Cooperative Forestry units.