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How to Order Forest Maps

Several types of brochures, maps, Recreational Opportunity Guides (ROGs), and other materials are provided to the public by the USDA Forest Service in areas such as recreation, sightseeing, wilderness, wildlife, vegetation, fire and more. In addition to fee-based visitor maps, many forests offer free maps on their website, such as trail guides, campground sites, and Motor Vehicle Use Maps. Check your local forest for more information.

Forest Visitor Maps

These maps are available to purchase from the U.S. Geological Survey Store (external link) and many retail outlets.

Topographic Quadrangle Maps

Topographic quadrangle maps are produced cooperatively by the Forest Service and the U.S. Geological Survey. These maps are 22 x 27 inches, provide the greatest level of detail and cover only small portions of each forest. The maps are available directly from the forests or from the U.S. Geological Survey Store.

Specialty Maps

Many specialty maps are available from the U.S. Geological Survey Store  (external link) covering specific trails, Wilderness Areas and other special areas.

Maps for your Mobile  Phone

Maps for Your Mobile PhoneView Forest Service maps (external link) on your mobile phone

Search by forest name or map type (eg. Forest Visitor Map, Wilderness, Motor Vehicle Use Map) and download maps.

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