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Seed Technology Center - Publications

The Forest Seed and Seedling Technology Center is a center for information concerning forest seeds and seedlings. We will host hard to find information as well as information of general interest to the seed and seedling community.

Cleaning Seed with an Aspirator - How to build and use an Aspirator  

Seed Drying - Seed Moisture Mgmt & Building Pressurized Dryers  

Safety in Seed Cleaning  

Brush Machine Uses  

Rocky Mountain Juniper Study   

Longleaf Pine Seed Handling Guidelines

Temperature Effects on Longleaf Pine Germination in the Nursery

Barbour's Longleaf Alliance Presentation

Seed cleaning and germination testing for the restoration of ground layer plants in a Longleaf Pine ecosystem

Seed conditioning of understory forbs in the Longleaf Pine ecosystem

IUFRO presentation in Canada (large power point)

A Replacement for Kodak Industrex 620 Paper used in Seed Analysis

Commercial Suppliers of Tree and Shrub in the United States Supplier's addresses and contact information was last updated on 5/22/2003.

Handbook on Seeds of Browse-Shrubs and Forbs

High Tech Seed Cleaning (Power Point Presentation)

Acorn Strategies (Power Point Presentation)

Collection and Care of Acorns

Seed Biology and Technology of Quercus

Pyschrometric Chart for Drying Seed, Cones and Fruits with Heated Air

Vankus Omaha Shrub TZ Powerpoint Presentation

Juniperus Information

Juniperus Bibliography (Sorted three ways)

1)Juniperus Bibliography Information Sorted by Workform

2) Juniperus Bibliography Information Sorted by Subject Keywords

3) Juniperus Bibliography Information Sorted by Subject Date


Juniperus Propagation Challenges in the United States (Power Point Presentation)

Juniperus Progagation Challenges in the United States (Power Point Presentation in Italian)

Dormancy of Trees & Shrubs (Power Point Presentation)

Dormancy of Trees & Shrubs (Power Point Presentation in Italian)

National Seed Laboratory (Power Point Presentation)

National Seed Laboratory (Power Point Presentation in Italian)

Reproductive Efficiency in Juniper - Prof. Ettore Pacini, University of Siena (Power Point Presentation)


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