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BAER Burned Area Reports DB is a database containing post-fire assessment information from four decades of US Forest Service Burned Area Reports (FS 2500-8 forms). We have compiled information from approximately 1500 reports and other information when available, mostly from the western U.S., into the database. New reports are added annually.

Overview and Applicability

The first Burned Area Reports on post-fire emergency watershed stabilization and rehabilitation were prepared in the 1960's and early 1970's. In 1974 a formal authority for post-fire rehabilitation activities was authorized to evaluate burn severity and request funding for recommended post-fire treatments. In 1988-1989, Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) policies and procedures were incorporated in the Forest Service Manual and the BAER Handbook, which standardized the assessments and reports filed.

The Burned Area Reports, with their standard protocols and formats, provide comparable information across most of the forest fires that have been assessed within the BAER program. With the information compiled into a searchable database, an active BAER team may, for example, examine past reports from the region where they are working to learn about treatment costs or treatment adaptations and implementation strategies that have worked well. It is hoped that this database makes it easier to access past decisions to inform current and future work.


  • Location (National Forest)
  • Treatment type
  • Date


Applicable burned area reports


Robichaud, Pete. BAER Burned Area Reports Database. Available online at

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