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Road Conditions for the Jackson Ranger District, Spring 2015

Gated road covered with snow.

All current as of 04/24/2015 -Changes from last review have the road number underlined.

The Bridger-Teton would like to thank the public for being patient throughout the early spring season while access to most FS Roads is limited with many roads planned to open on May 1st. A few roads are scheduled to open on June 1st . Forest Service road openings are designed to protect road surfaces and insure public safety allowing snow and wet surfaces to dry out.  This substantially reduces maintenance costs and limits early season damage to many roads as we prepare for the summer season.

Shadow Mountain Road -#30340

  • Snow still covers the road surface above both the north and south gates on the road and the road will remain closed until the snow naturally melts out and the surface has sufficiently dried. 

Ditch Creek Road-#30350:

  • The road is dry to the boundary where GTNP and BTNF lands meet (aprox. 1 mile east of the Teton Science School).  There is a signed road barrier beginning at 1.07 miles as the upper section of road remains seasonally closed until June 1st

Gros Ventre Road-#30400:

  • The paved section of this road from the GTNP boundary to Atherton Creek Campground is clear and open, CAUTION: hazards currently exist (potholes and falling boulders), slow driving is advised. The seasonal closure gate at Atherton Creek will remain closed to the public until May 1. The upper section of gravel road beyond the Slate Creek Gate will open weather and road conditions permitting on June 1st.

Flat Creek Road-#30442:

  • The road remains closed until the scheduled May 1 opening date when the National Elk Refuge Road access to this road also opens for the summer season.

Curtis Canyon-#30440:

  • The road remains closed until the scheduled May 1 opening date when the National Elk Refuge Road also opens for the summer season. CAUTION: the first section of the Curtis Canyon Road is planned to open to a point just beyond the Curtis Canyon Campground beginning May1st. Beyond this point the upper sections of the Curtis Canyon Road, including the Sheep Creek Road will remain closed beyond May 1st until the roads are clear of snow and have sufficiently dried out. 

Mosquito Creek Road-#30980:

  • The first .68 miles of the road is dry and safe to drive as far as the Lower Mosquito Creek Road Gate, scheduled to open on June 1st

North Fork Fall Creek Road-#30995:

  • The road is open for the first 1.7 miles. The upper section of the road opens June 1stCAUTION: watch for wet conditions or standing water along the road surface and do not proceed if snow still remains on the road surface.

Fall Creek Road-#31000:

  • The road is tentatively scheduled to open on both, the north and south ends on May 1st . The road is mostly dry and has just been graded. CAUTION: When this road opens slower driving speeds are advised along the entire gravel portion of the Fall Creek Road..

Game Creek Road-#30455:

  • The road will remain gated and seasonally closed until September 1st.

Dog Creek Road-#31030:

  • The road is wet and may be snow covered intermittently. Early season travel is not advised until after May 1st or when the road is snow-free and dried out.

Cache Creek Road-#30450:

  • The road is open to the Cache Creek Trailhead area. CAUTION: It is advised to drive this busy multi-use road at a slow speed, watch for dog walkers, runners and bike riding along the road.

Bull Creek Road-#30497:

  • The road is closed by a temporary barrier until May 1st and when the remaining snow and standing water along the entire road surface has dried out.

Little Granite Creek Road-#30505:

  • The road is gated closed until the remaining snow and standing water along the entire road surface has dried out and after the Granite Creek road has opened.

Granite Creek Road-#30500:

  • This road is gated closed until May 1 to allow remaining snow and standing water along the upper sections of the road surface to dry out. CAUTION: the Granite Hot Springs Pool is currently closed to the public. The pool is scheduled to open during the 3rd week of May.



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  •  Current weather conditions from the National Weather Service are updated continually.

  • Avalanche Conditions on the Bridger-Teton Nationsl Forest are updated daily from November through April. 



There are several regulations that visitors are required to follow while visiting the Bridger-Teton National Forest. These are typically noted by a Special Order or a specific closure. Examples of these include the Bear Food Storage Order or our Winter Closures for wildlife.  Visit the Special Orders and temporary closures list to  ensure you are complying with regulations.


The Bridger-Teton National Forest reminds visitors that fireworks are not permitted anywhere on the Forest by a Special Order signed by the Regional Forester.


No Fire Restrictions are currently in place.


Trapping "furbearing animals" and "non-furbearing animals" regulations are strictly enforced year-long in Forest Lands. 


The opening of the campgrounds and rental cabins across the Bridger-Teton can be delayed due to weather conditions. Due to the unpredictable nature of the weather, visitors may encounter delayed openings or early closings at the beginning or end of the season. You can check with the Forest if you are making early season or late fall travel plans for the latest information. 307-739-5500

Note: There are no reservations taken for any of our campgrounds, they are all on a "first come, first served" basis.


Annually, the Bridger-Teton provides fall color information that visitors can see throughout the area. Colors change annually on the Bridger-Teton from the first of September through the first of November.


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