Alerts & Notices


  • National Childrens Forest in Covington, VA reopened
  • Wolf Gap Campground/Picnic Area Water Temporarily Suspended - (Lee R.D.)
  • Areas open for fire wood gathering on the James River RD
  • Road Repair Work on the James River Ranger District
  • Garden Mountain Road/Round Mountain Road (FR #610) Temporarily Closed (EDRD)
  • Private segment of Shoe Creek Road (FR #263) is Closed (Glenwood & Pedlar)
  • Todd Lake Recreation Area Closed for 2015 (North River)
  • AT Hikers Rerouted near Damascus from Washed-Out Footbridge


  • Critical Boat Ramp and Marina at Bolar closed
  • Critical Lee District: Trout Pond Campground's temporary closure date for 2015
  • Narrow Passage Road (FDR 88) Temporarily Closed (Lee Ranger District)
  • Beck Access Road Closed (NRRD)
  • Wildlife Rd in Craig County