Alerts & Notices

Whether hiking in the backcountry or touring along a road, travel in the mountains poses certain risks. Here you'll find the conditions you may expect and what you need to know before you go...

Road Conditions

Giant Sequoia National Monument (north) and Hume Lake Ranger District
  • Search highway 180 at Caltrans (California Department of Transportation) here.
  • Find current conditions through Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park here.


Weather Conditions


Current weather conditions from the National Weather Service forecast office at San Joaquin Valley/Hanford, California station here.



Giant Sequoia National Monument (north) and Hume Lake Ranger District
Kern River Ranger District



Stage 1 Fire Restrictions go into effect May 21, 2014

Videos explaining fire restriction stages:



Web Cameras

This link from the National Weather Service provides live web camera views from several peaks located in Sequoia National Forest and surrounding areas.


Forest Regulations

Subpart A—General Prohibitions

  • § 261.1 Scope.
  • § 261.1a Special use authorizations, contracts and operating plans.
  • § 261.1b Penalty.
  • § 261.2 Definitions.
  • § 261.3 Interfering with a Forest officer, volunteer, or human resource program enrollee or giving false report to a Forest officer.
  • § 261.4 Disorderly conduct.
  • § 261.5 Fire.
  • § 261.6 Timber and other forest products.
  • § 261.7 Livestock.
  • § 261.8 Fish and wildlife.
  • § 261.9 Property.
  • § 261.10 Occupancy and use.
  • § 261.11 Sanitation.
  • § 261.12 National Forest System roads and trails.
  • § 261.13 Motor vehicle use.
  • § 261.14 Use by over-snow vehicles.
  • § 261.15 Use of vehicles off roads.
  • § 261.16 Developed recreation sites.
  • § 261.17 Recreation fees.
  • § 261.18 National Forest Wilderness.
  • § 261.19 Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.
  • § 261.20 Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail.
  • § 261.21 National Forest primitive areas.
  • § 261.22 Unauthorized use of “Smokey Bear” and “Woodsy Owl” symbol.
  • § 261.23 Wild free-roaming horses and burros.

Subpart B—Prohibitions in Areas Designated by [Forest] Order

  • § 261.50 Orders.
  • § 261.51 Posting.
  • § 261.52 Fire.
  • § 261.53 Special closures.
  • § 261.54 National Forest System roads.
  • § 261.55 National Forest System trails.
  • § 261.56 Use of vehicles off National Forest System roads.
  • § 261.57 National Forest wilderness.
  • § 261.58 Occupancy and use.

Current Forest Orders

Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Regulations

The U.S. Forest Service enforces California Vehicle Codes (CVC) pertaining to OHV operations on Forest Service roads and trails. To view state regulations regarding OHV, click here.

Public Notices

Forest Order No. 14-08 Sequoia National Forest Fire Restrictions

In response to the increasing high fire danger, the Sequoia National Forest, Tule River Reservation, and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) within the Central California District (CND)  announced today, an Interagency Declaration to impose fire restrictions for all Federal and State protected lands within Fresno, Tulare, and Kern Counties effective Wednesday May 21, 2014.

In the Sequoia National Forest and Giant Sequoia National Monument campfires and barbecues are only allowed in developed campgrounds or areas designated as exempt from fire restrictions.  A list of designated exempt areas can be obtained from Forest Service offices or here.

Visitors are allowed to have a portable gas stove or lantern (with a flame on/off switch) outside developed or designated areas with a valid California campfire permit.  A campfire permit can be obtained, free of charge, at any Forest Service, CALFIRE, or Bureau of Land Management office.