Forest Plan Revision

The Chugach National Forest Land Management Plan (forest plan) was last revised in 2002. Efforts are currently underway to update plan direction based on changed conditions, new and relevant information, and requirements directed by the 2012 National Forest System Planning Rule.

The 2012 Planning Rule identifies a framework for revising forest plans consisting of three phases: assessment, revision and monitoring. The intent of the framework is to provide an adaptive planning process that informs land and resource management decisions and allows the Forest Service to be responsive to changing conditions – including new scientific information and monitoring results.

Phase I - Assessment (completed)

This phase involves an evaluation of relevant information including existing ecological, economic, and social conditions and trends across the broader landscape that will help inform the need to change the 2002 Forest Plan. This “snapshot” will be considered during Phase II – Revision.

Plan Assessment and related documents

Archived documents and related information...

Phase II - Revision (Where we are now)

New Documents  and information related to Phase II

There are several tasks to be completed during the revision phase:

  • Identify preliminary needs to change the forest plan
  • Develop a proposed revised plan and alternative(s)
  • Consider the environmental effects of the proposed plan and alternatives
  • Compile and publish Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
  • Provide for public review of and comment on the proposed revised plan and EIS
  • Provide for public objection before a proposed plan is chosen
  • Approve final plan

Phase III – Monitoring

The monitoring phase involves continuous observation and collection of information for the planning cycle that is used to test relevant assumptions, track relevant conditions over time, and measure management effectiveness. Evaluations of plan monitoring results may trigger the need to adjust or change current plan direction.