Robert Stovall. Picture of Laurie Craig with Mendenhall Glacier in the background. Aspen leaf miner in a cottonwood leaf. A picture of bears fishing in Anan Creek. Mist over the Tongass National Forest. Inside view of Discovery Center.                                  


Faces of the Chugach National Forest

2015 Capital Christmas Tree logo

This year, the Chugach National Forest will be providing the 2015 Capitol Christmas Tree which will stand tall on the west lawn of the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. As part of the yearlong celebration leading up to the tree lighting, we are sharing some of the stories of the outstanding employees who serve as stewards and managers of the Chugach, the “jewel” of the National Forest System.

Tongass National Forest: Sustainable Operations

Sustainable Operations is more than recycling, it's investing in our employees...learn with the Tongass employees about the importance of sustainable operations, how we encourage them to get involved and let them know what they can do to make Tongass' operations more sustainable. Watch here...

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Wilderness & Wildlife Events

A quick glance at wilderness and wildlife events and festivals around Alaska in 2015.

Artist in Residence

The Voices of the Wilderness artist residency is a unique opportunity.