Chugach range. Photo by Charles Lovely. Woman hiking on the Chugach National Forest. Friends celebrated the Wrangell Bear Fest by making their own bear masks. Photo by Corree Delabrue. Raven Trail offers a wheelchair-accessible, barrier-free path.  Fisheries biologist Pete Schneider uses rock to protect fish cam conduit in Steep Creek.                             


Sitka WhaleFest - November 6-9, 2014.

Sitka Whale Fest logo.

The 18th Annual Sitka WhaleFest is a program of the Sitka Sound Science Center. The event hosts a unique science symposium blending local knowledge and scientific inquiry concerning the rich marine environment of the North Pacific. 

Alaska Bald Eagle Festival - November 10-16, 2014

Alaska Bald Eagle Festival logo.

Join us for the 20th Annual Alaska Bald Eagle Festival in the Valley of the Eagles in Haines, Alaska where over 3000 Bald Eagles gather in the early fall and winter. Explore this river valley and come face to beak with this majestic bird as you venture into the winter wonderland of Haines.

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Alaska Adventures on the Chugach National Forest

From fishing the Russian and Kenai Rivers, to camping and hiking an extensive trail system.

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