Aerial Detection Survey: Data Download

Any aerial survey data not downloaded from this website or FHP Mapping & Reporting should be considered draft and is not endorsed by Region 2 Forest Health Protection. 

Aerial Detection Survey Data Disclaimer:

Forest Health Protection (FHP) and its partners strive to maintain an accurate Aerial Detection Survey (ADS) Dataset, but due to the conditions under which the data are collected, FHP and its partners shall not be held responsible for missing or inaccurate data. ADS are not intended to replace more specific information. An accuracy assessment has not been done for this dataset; however, ground checks are completed in accordance with local and national guidelines Maps and data may be updated without notice. Please cite "USDA Forest Service, Forest Health Protection and its partners" as the source of this data in maps and publications.

Due to the nature of aerial surveys, the data will only provide rough estimates of location, intensity, and the resulting trend information for the agents detectable from the air. Many of the most destructive diseases are not represented because these agents are not detectable from aerial surveys. The data should only be used as a partial indicator of insect and disease activity, and should be validated on the ground for actual location and causal agent. This data shows locations where tree mortality or defoliation were apparent from the air. Intensity of damage is variable and not all trees within the areas are dead or defoliated.

By removing the contents of this package or taking receipt of these files via electronic file-transfer methods, you understand that the data stored on this media are in draft condition. Represented features may not be in an accurate geographic location. The Forest Service makes no expressed or implied warranty, including warranty of merchantability and fitness, with respect to the character, function, or capabilities of the data or their appropriateness for any user's purposes. The Forest Service reserves the right to correct, update, modify, remove, or replace this geospatial information without notification. Using this data for purposes other than those for which it was intended may yield inaccurate or misleading results.

The winzip files include the flown shapefile, damage shapefile, metadata files, and preview map image.

Year Click on map below to preview data (.pdf) Download Data (zip file includes metadata, flown shapefile, damage shapefile, and preview map)
1994 Click to preview the 1994 data Click here to download the 1994 data  updated 2/20/12
1995 Click to preview the 1995 data Click here to download the 1995 data
updated 2/20/12
1996 Click to preview the 1996 data Click here to download the 1996 data
updated 2/20/12
1997 Click to preview the 1997 data Click here to download the 1997 data
updated 2/20/12
1998 Click to preview the 1998 data Click here to download the 1998 data
updated 2/20/12
1999 Click to preview the 1999 data Click here to download the 1999 data
updated 2/20/12
2000 Click to preview the 2000 data Click here to download the 2000 data
updated 2/20/12
2001 Click to preview the 2001 data Click here to download the 2001 data
updated 2/20/12
2002 Click to preview the 2002 data Click here to download the 2002 data
updated 2/20/12
2003 Click here to download the 2003 data
updated 2/20/12
2004 Click to preview the 2004 data Click here to download the 2004 data
updated 2/20/12
2005 Click to preview the 2005 data Click here to download the 2005 data
updated 2/20/12
2006 Click to preview the 2006 data Click here to download the 2006 data
updated 2/20/12
2007 click to preview the 2007 data Click here to download the 2007 data
updated 2/20/12
2008 Click to preview the 2008 data Click here to download the 2008 data
updated 2/20/12
2009 Click to preview the 2009 data Click here to download the 2009 data
updated 2/20/12
2010 Click to preview the 2010 data Click here to download the 2010 data
updated 12/10/12
2011 Preview 2011 ADS Data

Click here to download the 2011 data
updated 12/10/12

2012  preview image of 2012 data

Click here to download the 2012 data
updated 2/21/14

2013 preview image of 2013 data

 Click here to download the 2013 data
updated 2/14/14

2014 preview for 2014 ADS Click here to download the 2014 data
updated 5/23/15

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