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Children with trees to plant.
Enhance Your Backyard

Americans generously give everyday through their tax dollars to help sustain your national forests and grasslands. As a government agency, the Forest Service does not solicit donations. However, those wanting to support their national forests can do so through one of the many options below.

How to lend a hand

pine needles

Your gift of a tree will be enjoyed by generations to come. It’s also a unique way to celebrate a special person or life event, or memorialize a loved one. We partner directly with organizations to help reforest our National Forests.

Other partnership efforts to conserve our nation’s forests include:

  • National Wildlife and Fish Foundation works with the Forest Service to conserve forested lands through stewardship and watershed restoration programs. 
  • Penny Pines Plantation is a partnership with National Garden Clubs to help sustain national forests and provide education.
  • Living Memorials Project helps to create living, lasting memorials to the victims of the Sept. 11, their families, communities and nation.