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Conservation Education

The Forest Service provides a variety of educational resources and programs for individuals of all ages to learn about the environment and our nation’s forests and grasslands.

Getting ready for the outdoors

We learn to appreciate nature the more time we spend outdoors as children. Our kids' programs will get you started.

Resources for adults

We have resources for educators and parents or other adults who work with children. 

Continuing education

From aquatic ecosystems to operating wildland fire equipment, our natural resources professional education programs focus on various topics.

Learning about flora and fauna

Sometimes we just need to know where to find information about plants and animals.

Tree benefits add up

Trees work hard for us. Did you know that 100 trees remove 53 tons of carbon dioxide and 430 pounds of air pollutants per year?

Forest Service roots are deep

The roots of our history go back to 1881 when the U.S. Department of Agriculture began to assess the quality of the nation's forests.