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Science & Technology

Science & Technology

Looking through a science lens

Climate change driven by human activity is and will continue to impact our forests and grasslands. How we respond matters.

Real benefits from forests

Our forests and grasslands offer energy and forest products that benefit communities across our nation's cultural landscape.

Finding answers in living things

Our scientists study fish, wildlife and plants to inform our land management decisions and address emerging threats.

Examining the cause and effect of fire

Fire does not just happen. Our work in fire science better informs decisions around suppression and prevention.

Protection through investigation

Forest health of our lands is paramount to the study of entomology, forest pathology, invasive plants, pesticide use, and other sciences.

Our relationship with nature

The intersection of people and forests is a study of how people connect with nature.

Research help for you

Find the right tools and products to understand managing land from a scientific lens, including access to more than 50,000 scientific publications.