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Grants & Agreements

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Our Mission

The Forest Service awards grants and agreements to individuals, organizations, institutions, businesses, tribes, state, local government agencies and other entities to carry out our mission: caring for the land and serving people 

Our Grants & Agreements program is committed to increasing accessibility, expanding opportunities and building collaborative approaches to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the nation’s forests and grasslands. 

Outreach of Interest (OOI)for Indian Youth Service Corps (IYSC) now active on using the link below.

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Work we do

The Forest Service engages in a wide range of Grants and Agreements such as Stewardship, Great American Outdoors Act, Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration, Secure Rural Schools and Research.

Outreach of Interest 

The Outreach of Interest (OOI) functions as an outreach mechanism to cultivate relationships and expand potential partners. The OOI is intended to solicit responses for potential partnerships for mutually beneficial projects. Submissions will be used to identify new partnership opportunities, enhance relationships, facilitate discussions, and refine project ideas between potential partners and the Forest Service.

Contact Information



Please direct questions about specific projects or funding opportunities to our local Grants and Agreement Specialists.

For general assistance or all other inquiries, contact our Access branch at