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Managing the Land

Managing the Land

A multi-purpose mission

Managing the land is more than just wildfire and recreation. Find out what is behind managing national forests and grasslands.

Focusing on the basics

Water, air, and soil are just three areas where we focus restoration efforts to improve natural resources.

Fire as a tool

Wildland fire is nearly impossible to prevent. However, using fire as a tool can provide mitigation factors that reduce the risks of some fires.

Balancing long-term effects

We are engaged in multiple efforts across our agency to achieve consistent approaches to sustainability and climate.

Unwelcomed guests

The existence of invasive species – plants, animals, fungi, or microorganisms – is a dangerous threat to healthy forests and grasslands. 

Making improvements together

National forests and grasslands benefit when we work together through shared stewardship of all lands and across all boundaries. 

Forests flow across boundaries

More than half of the nation's forests are on private land, and how those lands are managed affects us all.

Trees provide more than shade

Urban forests play a role in a city’s economic, social, and environmental health. 

Global Management

The most effective means for confronting the interconnected ecological and economic issues related to land management is international cooperation.