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Employee Services

Are you a USDA Forest Service Employee looking for quick access to common employee resources? Bookmark this page to have these links at the ready.




  • Employee Wellbeing and Support

    Employees stretching.

    Support tools to help you through reintegration.

  • Reset: Firefighter & Family Members Reintegration Guide

    A man smiles while holding a toddler

    Support tools to help you through reintegration.

  • Operation Care and Recovery

    Risk Management and Firefighter Safety and Health

    A centralized location of employee support and recovery resources.

  • Employee Assistance Program

    Chris French, Chief Moore & others look at a map to discuss post-fire treatment.

    Confidential resource providing professional assistance to help you deal with life's challenges.

  • Casualty Assistance Program

    Two people hugging.

    Support for employees and their families after an accident or injury.

  • Stress First Aid

    A nurse speaks to a patient.

    A framework to improve recovery from stress reactions, both in oneself and in coworkers.

  • Hospital Liaison Program

    Two people walking and having a conversation.

    Help with “taking care of our own” after an injury or during an illness.

  • Employee Software and Apps

    A finger touches a computer screen with map.

    Employee access to common software systems and apps.

  • Employee Policies

    Hand on a Forest Service portfolio binder.

    Commonly accessed employee policy information.

  • Benefits and Balance

    Two people walk with a toddler.

    Information on employee benefits.

  • Career Growth

    A ranger talking to another person.

    Ways you can grow your career working with the Forest Service.

  • Pay Information

    The Forest Service insignia on a jacket.

    General information about the pay systems used by the Forest Service.