Forest Order Listing

As a visitor to the National Forests, you are asked to follow certain rules designed to protect the Forests and the natural environment, to ensure the health and safety of visitors, and to promote pleasant and rewarding outdoor recreation experience for all visitors. Forest Officers are empowered to enforce Federal Regulations applicable to National Forest use.

Regional Foresters and Forest Supervisors may issue orders that will close or restrict the use of certain areas if the need arises. Such orders will be posted so that visitors to the National Forest can reasonably be expected to be familiar with them. Copies of the orders will be available in the offices of Forest Supervisors and District Rangers.

Forest Orders

This list shows current forest orders specific to the Tahoe National Forest:

  • 17-15-01 Fire Restrictions pdf
  • 17-14-07 American River Ranger District Road and Trail Closure pdf
  • 17-14-06 King Fire Road and Trail Closures pdf Terminated
  • 17-14-05 Deep Creek Road Closure pdf
  • 17-14-04 Western States Trail Bridge Closure pdf
  • 17-14-03 Fire Restrictions pdf Terminated
  • 17-14-02 Western States Trail Closure Order pdf Expired order
  • 17-14-01 American River Ranger District Road and Trail Closure pdf Terminated order
  • 17-13-10 American River Ranger District Road and Trail Closure pdf Terminated order
  • 17-13-08 American Fire Closure Order pdf Terminated order
  • 17-13-07 American Fire Closure Order pdf Terminated order
  • 17-13-06 American Fire Closure Order pdf Terminated order
  • 17-13-05 American Fire Closure Order pdfAmerican Fire Closure Map pdf Terminated order
  • 17-13-04 Tahoe National Forest Fire Restrictions pdf Terminated order
  • 17-13-02 Forest Order Winter Vehicle Restrictions pdf Expired order
  • 17-12-05 Road Closure - Rd 25 and 35 - Morristown Rd Area - Yuba River Ranger District Closure Order and Map
  • 17-12-04 Road and Trail Closure - American River Ranger District Closure Order (Including Map)
  • 17-12-01 Motor Vehicle Restrictions American River Ranger District(.pdf) Expired order

  • 17-11-01 Area Closure Lower Brush Creek Mine Closure Area Including map (pdf)  (including Including Map  

  • 17-10-02 Forest Order Winter Vehicle Restrictions (pdf) Expired order

  • 17-10-03 Motor Vehicle Restrictions American River Ranger District  1 (pdf) and 2 (pdf)   Map A, Map B Expired order

  • 17-00-230 Road Closure Rd 125-13 (.pdf) 17-00-230 Map (pdf)

  • 17-00-229 Bullards Bar Bald Eagle Special Closure (.pdf) 17-00-229 Map (.pdf)

  • 17-98-226 Forest Rd 07 Fiberboard speed limit (.pdf) 

  • 17-98-223 Foresthill [American River] District OHV/OSV travel restrictions (.pdf)

  • 17-98-222 Sand Ridge, Hole-in-the Ground trails (.pdf) Map (jpg)

  • 17-97-215 Granite Chief Trail & Painted Rock (.pdf) ) Map (pdf)

  • 17-96-209 Boca Special Closure Area (.pdf) Map (jpg)  

  • 17-96-208 Pole Creek Special Closure Area (.pdfMap (pdf)

  • 17-95-204 N. Yuba Restricted Area (.pdf)

  • 17-95-203 Bullards Bar Restricted Area (.pdf) 17-95-203 Map (pdf)

  • 17-95-202 Oregon Creek Restricted Area (.pdf) 17-95-202 Map (jpg)

  • 17-95-201 Jackson Meadows/ Austin Meadows Restricted Use (.pdf) 17-95-201 Map (pdf)

  • 17-95-200 Boca Reclamation Zone Restricted Use Area (.pdf) 17-95-200 Map (pdf)

  • 17-95-199 Little Truckee Restricted Use Area (.pdf) 17-95-199 Map (pdf)

  • 17-95-198 Stampede Special Biological Communities (.pdf) 17-95-198 Map (pdg)

  • 17-95-197 Granite Chief Wilderness Restrictions (.pdf) 17-95-197 Map (pdf)

  • 17-95-195 Powderhorn Trail & Five Lake Trail Bicycle Restrictions (.pdf) 17-95-195 Map (pdf)

  • 17-95-194 Palisades Creek/Heath Springs Special Closure (.pdf) 17-95-194 Map (pdf)

  • 17-95-193 Boca Townsite (.pdf) 17-95-193 Map (jpg)

  • 17-95-190 Ward Peak Road Closure (.pdf) 

  • 17-95-188 Boca Dam Bridge (.pdf)

  • 17-95-187 Transporting Minor Forest Products (.pdf)

  • 17-95-186 14 Day Camping limit in Developed Campgrounds (.pdf)

  • 17-95-185 14 Day Camping limit outside of Campgrounds (.pdf)

  • 17-95-183 Windy Point Road Closure (.pdf) 17-95-183 Map (pdf)

  • 17-95-182 Upper Omega Road Closure (.pdf) 17-95-182 Map (pdf)

  • 17-95-181 Omega Road Closures (.pdf) 17-95-181 Map (pdf)

  • 17-95-177 Fuller Lake Restricted Use Area (.pdf) 17-95-177 Map (pdf)

  • 17-95-176 South Yuba Restricted Use Area, Campfire Restriction (.pdf) 17-95-176 Map (pdf)

  • 17-95-175 South Yuba Restricted Use Area, Camping Restriction (.pdf) 17-95-175 Map (pdf)

  • 17-95-174 North Fork Restricted Use Area,  Firearms, Vehicles Off Roads (.pdf) 17-94-174 Map (jpg)

  • 17-95-173 North Fork Restricted Use Area, Camping, Campfires (.pdf) 17-95-173 Map (pdf)

  • 17-95-172 Mosquito Ridge Road, Tractor-Trailer operation (.pdf) 17-95-172 Map (pdf)

  • 17-95-171 Sugar Pine Road, Parking (.pdf) 17-95-171 Map (pdf)

  • 17-95-169 French Meadows Restricted Use Area (.pdf) 17-95-169 Map (pdf)

  • 17-95-168 Red Star Ridge Camping Restriction (.pdf) 17-95-168 Map (pdf)

  • 17-95-167 Big Reservoir Restricted Use Area (.pdf) 17-95-167 Map (pdf)

  • 17-95-166 Sugar Pine Restricted Use Area (.pdf) 17-95-166 Map (pdf)

  • 17-94-165 Truckee Corridor Restricted Use Area (.pdf) 17-94-165 Map (pdf)

  • 17-94-164 North Fork American Wild and Scenic River Helicopter Closure (.pdf) 17-94-164 Map (pdf)

Permit Information

Information on all permit requirements is available from Forest Services Offices. If you  have any questions or need help, please contact your nearest Forest Officer or visit the nearest Forest Service Office.

Thank you for helping protect our National Forests.