WRNF Travel Management Implementation

Image of ATV rider on trail



Implementation of the White River National Forest Travel Management Plan (TMP) is now underway. The TMP provides for a wide range of uses and experiences to suit the public’s recreation and travel needs while protecting the forest’s natural resources. The  TMP designates roads, trails, and areas that are open to motorized and mechanized travel in both summer and winter, going beyond the planning requirements of the Forest Service Travel Management Rule (36 CFR 212).

The 2011-2015 Travel Management Implementation Action Plan  provides detailed information on the Forests' TMP implementation strategy. Full travel management implementation will take several years to complete. Throughout the process visitors may see changes happening on the ground. Implementation is a dynamic process and the public will continue to be engaged along the way.  MVUMs will be updated annually or as needed to reflect corrections, clarifications, and changes.

Find Information by Season

The Travel Management Plan categorizes travel designations under two seasons: summer and winter. Summer is defined as May 21 through November 22. Winter is November 23 through May 20.

For detailed travel management information, as well as maps, please visit the SUMMER and WINTER travel pages.