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Finding Other Uses for Forest Materials Leads to Healthier Forests

Many partners are working together to develop unique, portable equipment for making wood products in the field. It enables processing near where woody biomass is harvested, producing products that can be economically transported long distances. This video shows how slash piles of unused material after a timber harvest can be made into wood pellets that can then be burned in a variety of wood heating systems including wood stoves for homes and schools.

Fishlake National Forest Pando Clone

The Pando Clone is an aspen stand encompassing approximately 106 acres on the Fishlake National Forest. This clone (based on DNA testing) is thought to be the largest organism in the world. The Pando clone is declining and Forest managers and scientists are working together to study why and formulate solutions to reverse the decline.

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Avalanch Safety
This podcast gives an overview of Avalanche Safety. (00:32)

Fire Prevention (00:32)