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Warm River Campground Bridge Replacement

Warm River Campground is located on the Caribou-Targhee National Forest in Idaho. Due to deteriorated condition of the old bridge, the load limits were restricted, making its replacement necessary in order to provide safety to campground users and stability for grooming equipment. The bridge provides access to the east side of the campground. It is also a groomed snowmobile trail in the winter. The bridge is the only place in that area where a groomer can avoid the pavement on Fish Creek Road to groom all of the east side trails. The new bridge also provides access to snowmobile trails, fishing and floating the Warm River. The bridge was opened to the public on July 2, 2015.

Resources utilized to accomplish the bridge placement were: a 500 ton crane, excavator, backhoe, forklift, dump trucks. Man power; forest and regional engineers, forest hydrologist and fish biologist, forest road crew, district recreation crew, district recreation program manager and road crew foreman.

Partners on this project were: Fremont County, Idaho, Caribou-Targhee National Forest, AudDi Campground Services Inc., Idaho Department of Recreation, Henry’s Fork Foundation and Excel Bridge

Council, Idaho Fuels for Schools Project

See full version here. The Council School District is surrounded by the Payette National Forest, and had aging, inefficient heating systems in the two local schools within the school campus that needed to be replaced- a diesel oil boiler and radiant electric heating systems. The Council School District, in Council Idaho has installed a biomass heating/cooling system using wood chips from the surrounding Payette National Forest, as well as State and private lands that heat and cool the school buildings. This system was the first Fuels for School system installed in the State of Idaho. The School District received a grant of $510, 000 from the USDA/FS Fuels for Schools program. This was less than 15% of the cost of the project because it was very expensive to completely retrofit the buildings. However, this funding was critical to get the project started. This woody biomass heating/cooling system is improving the working and learning conditions in the schools for staff and students- as they have access to more comfortable buildings- fresh air, even heating, and air conditioning. The School District sought grants and assistance to create a model project to demonstrate what can be done with biomass to save energy and improve forest health as well as air quality (much of the forest is subject to large fires and logging waste is routinely burned in the fall each year). In November of 2004, a long-term bond (15 years) was passed for $2.2M passed and received over 74% of the vote.


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