Resource Advisory Committees


A photograph of a fire lookout in the moon light. Credit: B. Douglas Jensen, August 10, 2005.

Fire lookout available for public rental on the Tahoe National Forest.

The California Recreation Resource Advisory Committee (RRAC) is a citizen's Federal Advisory Committee that provides recommendations on creating new or changing existing recreation fees managed by the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management in California.

The California RRAC is comprised of 11 members as authorized under the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act, which was signed in to law in December, 2004.

Recommendations from the California Recreation RAC are combined with other public notification and communication efforts to help the Forest Service make sound decisions regarding recreation fees.

SoCal Forests are seeking public comments on proposed changes to Recreation Fee Sites

Recreation RAC Members & Roles

  • Ramiro Villalvazo - Designated Federal Official
  • Este Stifel - BLM Ex Officio

Category 1

Five people who represent recreation users and that include, as appropriate, winter motorized recreation, winter non-motorized recreation, summer motorized recreation, summer non-motorized recreation, hunting and fishing.

  • Monte Hendricks - Winter Non-motorized Recreation
  • Christine Oberti - Winter Motorized Recreation
  • Donald Amador - Summer Motorized Recreation
  • Linda McMillan - Summer Non-motorized Recreation
  • Richard Dasmann - Hunting and Fishing

Category 2

Three people who represent, as appropriate, motorized outfitters and guides, non-motorized outfitters and guides, local environmental groups.

  • Nathan Rangel - Non-Motorized Outfitters and Guides
  • Paul McFarland - Local Environmental Groups
  • Thomas Severin - Motorized Outfitters and Guides

Category 3

Three people who are, state toursim official representing the state, representing the prespective of Indian Tribes, a representative of affected local government interests.

  • Bob Warren - State Tourism
  • Vacant - Tribal
  • Danna Stroud - Local Government