The Sequoia National Forest is located in the eastern center of California.
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Forest Service Publications

Click here to view the Sequoia National Forest and Giant Sequoia National Monument Visitors Guide (Large pdf file)

Click here to view Recreational Opportunity Guides (ROGs) and other printable publications.

Forest Service Maps

Original high quality Forest Visitor maps on water-resistant paper contain valuable information. These maps provide forest-wide information on attractions, facilities, services, and opportunities. National Forest Visitor maps are at a larger scale (1:120,000) than topographic quadrangle maps (1:24,000), and typically do not show contours.  The Forest Visitor maps are best used to view an entire National Forest and are great for driving through or planning a trip to the forest that show recreational sites, campgrounds, public information sites and other attractions in the forest.

Wilderness maps and special area maps are used to illustrate specific recreation opportunities in specific areas, and provide information appropriate to the maps themes, such as how to obtain Wilderness use permits or detailed description of the recreation opportunities. These maps typically provide more detail than the Forest Visitor map and could be used a secondary resource for hiking and other recreational activities.  Some of these secondary-type maps can be viewed and printed from the links below under Sequoia National Forest Maps.


Forest Visitor maps of the Sequoia National Forest, the Giant Sequoia National Monument, as well as other selected National Forest, Wilderness, and National Park maps are available at Ranger District offices and the Forest Supervisors office.


Online purchases of Forest Visitor maps may be made at 3 Forests Interpretive Association (3FIA) and at the National Forest Store.


Maps may also be purchased by mail using the map sales order form (55k pdf). The form includes prices and ordering instructions.


Forest Service Quad Maps Online

The Forest Service Geodata Clearinghouse provides maps in multiple formats for viewing and printing. Raster data maps are divided into topographic quadrangle sections in a 1:24,000 scale view. Download time may vary depending on internet connection speed and file size.

Click here to view National Forest topographic quadrangle maps at the Forest Service Geodata Clearinghouse. (select California then select Sequoia's North or South section to get to page where individual quad maps can be viewed)

Online maps can be also be found here at

Forest Service Maps Mobile

In response to a survey concerning U.S. Forest Service map availability, all forest visitor maps and quad maps covering portions of California are available for purchase through the Avenza PDF Maps Application. This app is free of charge and available for most Apple iOS products. The app has a 4 1/2 star rating and can be downloaded directly to your device through the iTunes store

You can go to the Avenza website now to get a beta version of the app for Android devices.

The Forest Service has determined this application is the best for displaying Forest Visitor Maps, Forest-Atlas pages, Motor Vehicle Use Maps, and Motor Vehicle Opportunity Guides. The Motor Vehicle Use Maps and Motor Vehicle Opportunity Guides will be free of charge and are available now.

The maps are georeferenced and will work in conjunction with the GPS-enabled iOS devices (iPhone 3GS and higher/ iPads with 3G/LTE).  A link will be available through the “Maps and Publication” section of the R5 website: Look for the Avenza Map button.

Once you have downloaded and installed the free PDF Maps app on your device, you can:

  • Purchase and download professionally created maps from the thousands of maps in the Avenza Map Store.
  • View your location using the integrated GPS (iPad 3G/LTE or iPhone 3GS or higher model required), even without a wireless connection or cellphone signal
  • Plot placemarks, add notes, enter attribute data and add photos as attributes
  • Search for places and points of interest on any map (online connection required)
  • Export placemarks to share with colleagues, friends, or for future use
  • Measure distances and areas

After downloading and using the app, let us know what you think at Stay posted for the Forest Atlases as an iBook, wilderness maps and other great map products.

Sequoia National Forest Maps

Hume Lake Ranger District and Giant Sequoia National Monument (north)


Western Divide Ranger District and Giant Sequoia National Monument (south)
Kern River Ranger District
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See a list of Forest Service Publications available for the public.