The Tahoe National Forest is located in the northeastern center of California.
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Maps & Publications

The Tahoe National Forest has a variety of brochures, and publications available on-line for your review.  Click on the links listed below to view available Maps, Brochures and Publications.  For additional information, contact your nearest Tahoe National Forest Office.  Additional brochures are listed below as "Features".

Tahoe National Forest Motor Vehicle Use Maps


Boca Townsite Trail Brochure

Photograph of the Boca Hotel

The Boca Townsite Trail is located northeast of Truckee.   The trail winds up a hillside, with interpretive signs showing photographs of the historic town of Boca, known for its production of ice and brewery.

Common Trees of the Tahoe National Forest

Short listing of the common trees in the National Forest and ways to identify them.

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