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It's All Yours - Go. Play. Winter (Full) from National Forest Foundation on Vimeo.

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Photo of a male sage-grouse courting a female.The Lucky Peak Nursery helps support the efforts towards conservation of the Greater sage-grouse (GRSG) habitat. The nursery propagates sagebrush seeds into seedlings which will be used in the restoration of dry, grassy plains.

Photo of cow and bull elk eating hay on the snow-covered ground.Authorization of continued use of Alkali Creek Elk Feedground by the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission is approved.

David recording the GPS coordinates for an illegal dump siteDavid Cernicek, Bridger-Teton National Forest River Manager is spotlighted in the Jackson Hole News & Guide dated November 25, 2015. Read more about David and the work that he does on and for public lands.

Truck hauling biomassThe U.S. Forest Service is seeking proposals for projects to expand wood energy and wood products markets that support sustainable forest management, especially in areas with high wildfire risks. News Release | Federal Register Notice

Picture of Upper North Fork HFRA Ecosystem Project members and Nora Rasure2015 Regional Forester Awards

Picture of Aerial firefighter “Buster” Delmonte is featured in a recent news article. As civilian, reservist 'leads' in fight against forest fires

Job Corp LogoWeber Basin Job Corp Unite with Forest Service to help train and fight wildland fire

Photo of a lookout tower with a smoke plume near it.Forest Service is using a special “Foil” known as fire wrap to protect many of the historic cabins, lookouts, bridges that can’t be replaced once they are gone.

Photo of a person holding a fish next to a ruler.Bonneville Cutthroat Trout Restoration - Temporary Closure of Mammoth Creek

Burned Area Emergency Response LogoThe goal of the Interagency Burned Area Emergency Response Program is to protect life, property, water quality, and deteriorated ecosystems from further damage after the fire is out.

Great Basin Coordination Center LogoThe Great Basin Coordination Center (GBCC) is the hub of interagency wildland firefighting activity for the states of Idaho, Utah, Nevada and Bridger-Teton National Forest in western Wyoming.


Greater Sage-Grouse

The landscape and culture of the Interior West are characterized by the iconic sagebrush steppe ecosystems that are valued and used by people with a long and deep connection to the land. A need and desire has been identified to create a new balance between the use and protection of this landscape to conserve its important attributes, including greater sage-grouse. We have involved a multi-faceted effort that includes both planning and on-the-ground projects across multiple states. We have come together through working groups, task forces, councils, and meetings with the public, Tribes, state and federal agencies, counties, and associations. Visit the Greater Sage Grouse page to view the latest on the conservation effort.


The Forest Service offers many different employment opportunities throughout the year.  There are many positions advertised and filled for seasonal and temporary work every year.  Visit the forest Jobs and Volunteering web page to learn more about the work we do, as well as what seasonal positions are currently available for each forest.  The PACFISH/INFISH Biological Opinion Monitoring Program also advertises for Riparian Vegetation Survey Technicians and Fish/Stream Habitat and Morphology Technicians every year.



Every Kid in the Park

Every Kid in the Park Logo

The Every Kid in a Park initiative allows fourth graders to go to the Every Kid in the Park web site and obtain a pass for free entry for them and their families to more than 2,000 federally managed lands and waters for an entire year starting September 1, 2015.

Children can discover their public lands and all they offer. As living classrooms, these outdoor places and historic sites also provide hands-on, real-world opportunities to develop critical skills and learn more about the natural world.

The Forest Service (not vendors) will offer one free holiday tree cutting permit to fourth graders who present a valid pass. Offices that do not issue holiday tree permits or who have already issued their allotted number of permits are exempt from this program. Check with your local Forest Service Office.


Climate Change

Global climate change is altering forest and grassland ecosystems. These lands produce services such as water, clean air, wood products, recreation, wildlife habitats, etc.