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Image of the atmosphere and text that reads, the Forest Service promotes sustainable forest management and biodiversity conservation internationally and has provided critical research and technical assistance to people in more than 80 countries. Male Greater Sage-Grouse Strutting Click the photo to watch a video about the Swett Ranch. Video about the Minnetonka Cave on the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. Sign that features September as strengthen communities month. There is a Native American wearing a celebration outfit and dancing in a meadow.



Top Stories

Picture of Aerial firefighter “Buster” Delmonte is featured in a recent news article. As civilian, reservist 'leads' in fight against forest fires

Job Corp LogoWeber Basin Job Corp Unite with Forest Service to help train and fight wildland fire

Photo of a lookout tower with a smoke plume near it.Forest Service is using a special “Foil” known as fire wrap to protect many of the historic cabins, lookouts, bridges that can’t be replaced once they are gone.

Photo of a person holding a fish next to a ruler.Bonneville Cutthroat Trout Restoration - Temporary Closure of Mammoth Creek

Burned Area Emergency Response LogoThe goal of the Interagency Burned Area Emergency Response Program is to protect life, property, water quality, and deteriorated ecosystems from further damage after the fire is out.

Great Basin Coordination Center LogoThe Great Basin Coordination Center (GBCC) is the hub of interagency wildland firefighting activity for the states of Idaho, Utah, Nevada and Bridger-Teton National Forest in western Wyoming.

Photo of Forest Service employees and Air Med personnel carrying a victim.Skilled Forest Service firefighters respond to national disasters

Photo of a wildfire jumping a two-lane road.Public access to the National Forest lands and waters is maintained to the maximum extent possible, taking into account public and wildland firefighter safety and natural resource protection during wildfires.

Group photo of nine youth with and six instructors.The Boise National Forest hosted the first ever Wild Outdoor Week (WOW!) refugee youth outreach program.  Youth, ages 14-17 from Congo, Thailand, Burma, Nepal, Iraq and Mexico, completed hands on service projects.  

Great Basin Coordination Center LogoFire preparedness level raised to highest level in the Intermountain Region


Greater Sage-Grouse

The landscape and culture of the Interior West are characterized by the iconic sagebrush steppe ecosystems that are valued and used by people with a long and deep connection to the land. A need and desire has been identified to create a new balance between the use and protection of this landscape to conserve its important attributes, including greater sage-grouse. We have involved a multi-faceted effort that includes both planning and on-the-ground projects across multiple states. We have come together through working groups, task forces, councils, and meetings with the public, Tribes, state and federal agencies, counties, and associations. Visit the Greater Sage Grouse page to view the latest on the conservation effort.


Federal Land Recreation Enhancement Act Accomplishment Reports

Photo of a bridge over a river.

The 2014 accomplishment reports are available or the public to see where monies obtained from recreation fees are being spent.

Fire Danger Level: High