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Recreational opportunities abound on the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest, from white water kayaking and rafting to wilderness exploration, from lake and stream fishing to snowmobiling. Hundreds of miles of trails welcome users of all types and abilities: wheelchairs, horses, bicycles, motorcycles, cross-country and downhill skiers, and hikers will all find their adventure on the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest!

Come explore, discover your hidden, inner rogue, and get outdoors!

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Accessible Adventures on the RRSNFSpotlight: Go There! Accessible Recreation on the Rogue River Siskiyou NF

The RRSNF has two sites that are wheelchair-accessible: Ludlum House and Packers Cabin, both of which are located on the Gold Beach Ranger District! In this acclaimed video series, you can join John Williams from Wheelchair Destinations as he takes you to these two sites, and highlights all that they have to offer for everyone!

Recreation Map A map showing recreation areas.

Recreation Conditions Report

 Area Name Status Area Conditions
Chimney Camp Trail #1279 Closed to Visitor 10/17/2014: Chimney Camp Trail Temporarily Closed Due to Discovery of Sudden Oak Death Disease in Wheeler Creek Area. The trail closure has been extended through September 30, 2015 to allow for essential monitoring for the ramorum pathogen and additional diseased trees prior to reopening the trail. Contact Gold Beach Ranger District for more information (541) 247 3600.
Collier Bar Trail #1182    05/25/2013: Poor - No longer passable.
Dutchy Creek Trail #1146    05/25/2013: Last 1.5 miles of trail, close to Silver Creek, is blocked by heavy brush and debris.
Emily Cabin Trail #1129    08/2016: This trail, from the intersection with Trail #1131 to Emily Cabin, was reported as being brushed over and completely impassable. Falling snags, as a result of the 2002 Biscuit Fire, continue to be a hazard for visitors, especially as winds increase or weather changes.
Fall Creek Trail #1221    05/25/2013: Fair
Fall Creek Trailhead    05/28/2013: Fair
Fehley Gulch Trail #1231    2016 field reports indicate that this trail is difficult to follow and is need of maintenance.
Florence Tie Trail #1219B    05/25/2013: Poor - No longer visible or passable.
Florence Way Trail #1219A    05/25/2013: Poor - Heavy downfall and brush.
Gold Beach Ranger District     Visitors to the Kalmiopsis Wilderness should be advised that trail conditions may vary, depending on the level of maintenance performed in the years after the 2002 Biscuit Fire. Due to the large scale of this fire, and the rugged and remote conditions in the Kalmiopsis, trail work, while ongoing, has not been performed on all the trails within the fire perimeter. Visitors may find downed trees across the trail, dense vegetation where shrubs have grown in after the fire, and unmarked trail junctions in some places. Please check with the Gold Beach or Wild Rivers Ranger Districts before your visit for trail conditions. Additionally, you can visit the Siskiyou Mountain Club's page, a local group who performs much of our trail maintenance in wilderness areas.
High Cascades Ranger District    The winter of 2015-2016 resulted in a large number of areas of windfall on the High Cascades Ranger District; many trails have been reported as having trees across them. Trails are being cleared as crews can get to them, but this is a long process due to the large number of trees and the incredibly lengths of trails impacted by this windfall. Please report areas where trails are impassable when you find them!
Illinois River Trail #1161    05/2016: Trail was cleared in 2015 by Siskiyou Mountain Club and Northwest Youth Corp crews, but wind events and winter weather often result in new blowdown of standing, dead snags. Hike with caution, and expect to encounter downed trees in the early season.
Kalmiopsis Rim Trail #1124    07/07/2015: Passable
Kalmiopsis Wilderness    Alert: The nearly 500,000 acre Biscuit Fire of 2002 included the entire wilderness area. The impact from the fire includes added challenges, such as large numbers of downed trees, missing trail signs, holes and lose rock on the tread etc. For now and in the foreseeable future, wilderness users should recognize the need for increased safety awareness when traveling and camping.
Little Chetco Trail #1121    05/25/2013: Fair to Little Chetco River.  Not passable / visible west of Little Chetco River crossing.
North Fork Smith River Trail #1233    This trail is located in the Biscuit Fire area that burned in the year 2002. Trail repairs have been made but caution is advised.
Powers Ranger District   
Sanger Creek Trail #1271    05/25/2013: Poor - Brushy with downfall. Alert: This trail is overgrown and mostly impassible. There are no plans or funding for future clearing at this time.
Siskiyou Mountains Ranger District   
Upper Chetco Trail #1102    07/07/2015: Passable
Upper Rogue River Trail #1160    Alert: The section between Blossom Bar Creek and Marial received substantial damage from the Blossom Fire of 2005. It has been repaired well enough to re-open the trail after a winter closure, but conditions can change at any time. Be aware that there could be falling logs, limbs and rock. Tread conditions could deteriorate if additional slides occur.
Wild Rivers Ranger District