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Public lands on the Tongass consist of glimmering rain forests, glaciers and icefields, spectacular scenery, mountains, waterways, and thousands of islands separated by straits and channels. Over 400 species of terrestrial and marine wildlife, fish, and shellfish abound. Some species, such as the bald eagle and the brown bear, are endangered in other parts of the United States, but thrive in your forest.

The Tongass National Forest offers outstanding recreation opportunities, some very different from anything you'll experience in National Forests in the lower 48 states.

You can camp in a campground - or in a cabin. You can hike through dense forest, alpine meadow, or on a wooden “boardwalk” trail through peat bogs called muskegs. You can explore world-class caves. You can enjoy salt water fjords and unending waterways by canoe or kayak, your own motor or sail boat, charter boat, ferry, or cruise ship. You can watch bears, eagles, whales, and countless other wild animals  in their natural settings. You can visit glaciers by land or sea. And of course, you can fish, in fresh or salt water environments, everything from herring to trout,  salmon to halibut. For a truely Alaskan experience, visit the Tongass.

Cabin Fees

Beginning in 2016 fees for rental cabins on the Tongass National Forest will be adjusted through a three-year phase in process. The fee adjustments vary by cabin based upon market comparison, demand, and an evaluation of cabin amenities.  For a complete list of cabins and the fees thru 2018 see the 2016-2018 All Tongass Cabin Fees Schedule fee sheet. Please note, there is a non-refundable $9.00 reservation fee in addition to the cabin fee.


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Deep Bay Cabin

Deep Bay Cabin

The Deep Bay Cabin is a fully accessible large group recreation cabin located near Deep Bay on Zarembo Island. It is accessible year-around by float plane or boat. It can be accessed from Roosevelt Harbor where there is a float dock, ramp, and parking area or by beach access from Deep Bay. The cabin is on the Zarembo Island road system and can also be accessed by vehicle and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) from other parts of the island. Visitors are responsible for their own travel arrangements and safety, and must bring their own amenities.