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Fishing Licenses

On the Green Mountain National Forest, all persons 15 years and older are required to possess a Vermont Fishing license when fishing on any land in the State, except Vermont landowners fishing on their own property. Vermont fishing licenses are available online, at town halls, most sporting goods stores and at many convenience stores near popular fishing areas.

Fishing is allowed at all ponds on the Finger Lakes National Forest. In order to fish, you must have a valid NY fishing license if you are over 16 years old, and follow all New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) guidelines and regulations

Fishing Regulations

Current fishing regulation booklets are normally available when you buy a fishing license. You should familiarize yourself with it before you set off to go fishing.

Private land is interspersed with the National Forest in many areas. If you will be crossing or fishing on private land please get permission from the landowner first.

Popular Fishing Spots on the Green Mountain & Finger Lakes National Forests

Recreation Areas

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