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Hunting is allowed on the Green Mountain National Forest. As with any recreational opportunity on the Green Mountain National Forest, all applicable State and Federal laws and regulations must be followed.


When parking, accessing, and hunting on the Green Mountain National Forest:

  • Park off the traveled portion of the road and do not block traffic.
  • Do not block gates, emergency access may be needed.
  • No ATV's or OHV's allowed on the Green Mountain National Forest.
  • Do not travel off the forest road systems with vehicles.
  • Be familiar with Green Mountain National Forest property boundary markings to ensure that you are on public land.
  • Do not discharge a firearm within 150 yards of a residence, building, campsite, developed recreation site or occupied area.
  • Temporary tree stands and ground blinds are allowed as long as no damage is done to any living tree in erecting, maintaining, using or accessing the stand or blind. This includes the use of nails, bolts, screws (including access steps), wire, chain or any other material that may penetrate through a living tree's bark. No live limbs shrubs or trees can be cut. Tree stands and ground blinds must be clearly, permanently and legibly marked with the owner's name and address.
  • Be courteous and follow safe hunting practices. Be aware that there can be others forest users around who may not be aware it is hunting season.
  • Please report any violations.


 Hunting Recreation Opportunity Guide

Outdoor Safety-Fall/Winter

We recommend that you use a USGS Topographic Map, Vermont Atlas, or a Gazetteer for more detail on hunting locations. USGS Topographic Maps can be purchased at the Green Mountain National Forest Supervisor's Office in Rutland or at the Manchester, Middlebury, or Rochester Ranger Districts.

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