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Whether you choose to hike the remote high country, stay in one of our cabin and lookout rentals, or spend a quiet weekend at a developed campground, you will find a facility to meet your needs in the Kootenai National Forests.

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Several sites can be reserved at Cabin Rentals (includes cabins and lookouts), individual campsites within some of the Campgrounds, and most Group Campsites are available through reservations.  Cabins, lookouts, and campsites are released on a 6 month rolling basis, at 8am MDT (Example: on September 6, 2019 at 8am MDT, a site would be released through March 6, 2020). Group Campsites are released on a 9 month rolling basis, at 8am MDT. 

Please be aware that you are not allowed to stay for a period longer than 16 consecutive days. After leaving the "location" (defined as lands within a 5 mile radius) a minimum of 7 days is required before any group or persons from that group may reoccupy the original locations. Regional Closure Order Camping Restrictions [PDF, 591K]

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