Camping & Cabins

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Camping and Cabins

The Salmon-Challis National Forest offers 87 campgrounds, 2 cabin rentals, and 1 lookout to meet a variety of overnight experiences. Amenities vary from site to site, providing opportunities from back-country "roughing it" to group camping to historic guard stations with comfy beds.


Forest visitors can select from almost 87 campgrounds with fishing, hunting, hiking or other outdoor activities nearby. All Salmon-Challis National Forest campgrounds are available on a first-come-first served basis. Campgrounds may charge an overnight or day use fee where improved facilities and services are provided.

Dispersed Camping:

You may camp outside of developed campgrounds in most areas on the Salmon-Challis National Forest, up to 300 feet from an open road, at no charge. Potable water, toilets, and other amenities are not generally available. If you choose to camp outside developed areas, be sure to bring adequate water or be prepared to purify any water source before drinking.

Group Camping:

Some campgrounds provide group campsites that accommodate up to 25 people. Groups larger than 25 should contact the respective district office for more information. Two of the most popular group campgrounds on the Salmon-Challis National Forest require reservations during the camping season. Reservations can be made through

RV Camping:

Most campgrounds were designed and built at a time when RVs were shorter. In recent years, some campsites have been modified to accommodate today's longer trailers. Campsites for large trailers are limited. No campgrounds on the Salmon-Challis National Forest provide sewer, electrical or water hookups. Please contact the district offices for more information.

Camp Firewood:

Firewood for campfires on National Forest lands is free. A woodcutting permit is not necessary when collecting wood for a campfire. However, if the wood is being gathered for home use or if you plan to transport leftover firewood home, you will need to purchase a woodcutting permit.

Camping Rules and Regulations:

There is a 14 day Stay Limit for all camping on Salmon-Challis National Forest lands outside the boundaries of the Frank Church--River of No Return Wilderness.

Within the boundaries of the Frank Church--River of No Return Wilderness, the stay limit is 14 days .

This policy was put into place to protect natural resources, address sanitation issues, prevent camps from monopolizing popular sites, and to control squatting on national forest lands.

Some areas have other specific stay limits or camping restrictions. Contact the Districts for more information.

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