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The Wayne National Forest offers a wide spectrum of camping experiences that range from remote backpack camping dispersed throughout the Forest, to full-service developed campgrounds in each of our Ranger Districts.

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Camping Types

Campground Camping

Campground services vary on the Wayne and can offer drinking water, tables, fire rings, and toilets electrical outlets and other amenities. Fees may be charged at sites depending on the services they offer. 

Dispersed Camping

Backpack in to camp along the trail or pitch a tent at a trailhead while you ride. Dispersed camping sites rarely have any amenities outside of the occasional stone fire circle.

Group Camping

These are the sites that can best provide the services and space needed for RV camping.

RV Camping

These are the sites can best provide the services and space needed for RV camping.

Highlighted Campgrounds

Lake Vesuvius Iron Ridge and Oak Hill Campgrounds

The Iron Ridge and Oak Hill Campgrounds at Lake Vesuvius Recreation Area are some of our most developed campgrounds. This recreation area offers an unparalleled variety of activities on the Forest. These two campgrounds put you at the heart of it.

Stone Church Horse Camp

Named for the skeletal ruins of an old stone church nearby, the Stone Church Horse Camp serves the 22.5-mile Stone Church Horse Trail System. Camping for all users is allowed.

Burr Oak Cove and the North Country Trail

Burr Oak Cove Campground is a small wooded campground on the northwest tip of the Burr Oak Reservoir along the North Country and Buckeye backcountry trails. Drinking water, pit toilets, tables, and fire rings make this a great staging area or stopover for backcountry adventure.

Camping Information

Firewood Restrictions

Help slow the spread of emerald ash borer and other invasive pests. Do not bring in firewood unless it is commercially packaged wood with the USDA inspection label. Small amounts (what can be carried by hand) of down and dead firewood can be collected and used at your recreation site.


Please use extreme caution with campfires. Small, open fires are permitted except during extremely high fire danger. Fire rings should be used when available. Make sure all campfires are extinguished before vacating the campsite.

Pack it in, Pack it out

No matter how you pack, plan to take out whatever you take in. Trash services are available at most campgrounds on the Wayne National Forest, but trailheads rarely offer it. Be considerate of other campers and follow the spirit of 'leave no trace' ethic wherever you camp.

Leave No Trace camping practices should be followed during all dispersed camping stays.

Fee Free Days

On special days throughout the year, the Forest Service waives some site fees. Find out how fee free days apply on the Wayne.

Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities