Rock climbing is permitted on Wayne NF land. However, the highwalls and rocks on the Wayne are not always stable or safe so we do not recommend this activity. However if you do choose to rock climb or rappel on the Forest, please avoid disturbing plants on the rock faces. The environment these plants inhabit is very fragile, and some are rare species. If you are not an experienced climber, we suggest you obtain training from a qualified source.

As an alternative - the nearby Hocking State Forest has a Rock Climbing and Rappelling Area that offers nearly one mile of cliff face with cracks, overhangs, and flat faces. For more information on this site call 740-385-4402 or you may wish to call the Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center
13178 St. Rt. 664 S
Logan, OH 43138
Welcome Center/ travel counselor phones: 740-385-9706 or 1-800-Hocking (462-5464)