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Fishing on Lake Vesuvius

Two men Fishing at Lake Vesuvius, on the Ironton Ranger District.

Angling Among the Appalachian Foothills

Nestled among the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio, the Wayne National Forest offers over 500 acres of ponds and lakes open to public fishing and wildlife viewing. 

Four warm-water streams flow through the Wayne’s boundaries, and the Ohio River borders a part of this Forest. This presents a variety of fishing opportunities. Walk-in  to a remote pond or enjoy the ammenities of a developed lake site. Visit one of our Ohio River access points or wade along one of our lazy, slow-moving streams. The choice is yours!

Choose the type of fishing you want to do; from fishing in your estuarys, on your lakes and ponds, or among your streams and rivers.  

Fishing Resources

Wayne National Forest Fishing Guide  (pdf)

Ohio DNR Fishing Basics

Rules and Regulations

The Wayne National Forest (NF) manages fish habitats and angling opportunities in cooperation with the Ohio Division of Wildlife, which regulates and manages fish populations. As such, the same fishing regulations that apply to the state of Ohio apply on the Wayne National Forest. Key points include:

  • Fishers over the age of 15 are required to have an Ohio fishing liscencse. 
  • Those requiring a license are required to carry the license on them while fishing.
  • With the exception of the Ohio River, those fishing are required to follow Ohio's state restrictions regarding size, daily limits, and consumption advisories for fish species. 

Fishing Events

The Wayne National Forest regularly holds fishing events each sping and summer. These events are intended to bring more people into the hobby and allow people to enjoy the activity together. Regular events include:

Accessible Fishing Facilities

Bank fishing is easily accessible on many of our fishing areas. Fishing piers specifically designed to provide for fishing opportunities for those with disabilities are located at Vesuvius Lake and Leith Run Recreation Areas.


Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities