Please be aware of all Special Orders, Conditions, and Public Notices when visiting the Wayne National Forest. This information can assist you in preparing for a safe visit. Special Orders update the legal usage of the forest and may change as conditions or land management requirements evolve.

Special Orders

Special Orders establish certain travel regulations, closures, and other restrictions on the use of the Forest for public health and safety purposes, or to protect natural resources. Please direct specific questions regarding a special order to your local District Ranger's office.



Order Description

Effective Date

Effective Until

14-01-2018 Prohibitions on the Wayne National Forest 10/01/2018 11/30/2023
14-01-2015 Closure Order for underground mines, tunnels and iron furnaces 3/23/2015 Indef.
14-01-2017 Telegraph Trail Closure Order 09/06/2017 Indef.


Public Notices

Order 09-14-23-01: Shawnee Lookout Tower.

Prohibits entering and/or occupying the area of the Shawnee Lookout Tower.

Order 09-14-22-01: Lewis Lake Fishing Site Closure

Closes Lewis Lake Fishing Site for reasons of public health and safety.

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