Alerts & Notices

Please be aware of all Special Orders, Conditions, and Public Notices when visiting the Wayne National Forest. This information can assist you in preparing for a safe visit. Special Orders update the legal usage of the forest and may change as conditions or land management requirements evolve.


  • Daily Closures for Telegraph Trail

Public Notices

Order 09-14-22-02: Additional Wolcott Trail Closures

Closes the Wolcott Trail from Forest Road 132 (known as New Road) to the Lyra Trail, as depicted on the attached map as a Bold Purple Line (Exhibit A). The trail is located within Scioto County Township 4N, Range 18W, Section 31; Scioto County Township 3N Range 18W Sections 5 and 6; and Lawrence County Township 3N, Range 18W, Sections 7 and 8

Order 09-14-22-01: Lewis Lake Fishing Site Closure

Closes Lewis Lake Fishing Site for reasons of public health and safety.

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