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Continuing Education for Natural Resource Professionals

The Program

Welcome to our Continuing Education program for natural resource professionals. The workshops and learning materials are sponsored by a wide variety of groups, from the Forest Service, other federal agencies, and Universities to private vendors. Most workshop is offered annually (pending adequate participation), integrating current philosophies, techniques and learning methods. A number of the workshops alternate locations providing varied travel options. Some of the workshops travel to other areas, pending interest and demand. Participants are from diverse disciplines, other natural resource agencies, and private organizations are encouraged to attend these workshops.

2021/2022 (FY22) Workshop Registration - Directly Contact/Vendor

Non-FS Participants - contact the vendor directly

Forest Service:

You can REGISTER directly with the vendor. Fill out the SF182 in hard/PDF copy to attend training; use the OPM online version. The AgLearn version has issues.

Registering and filling out the SF182 are 2 different actions.

Filling out the SF182 does NOT automatically register you for training and vice versa - registering/requesting doesn't automatically fill out your SF182. AgLearn isn't that sophiticated yet.

If you have any problems with Registering/Requesting training or filling out your SF182 in AgLearn please contact the BPR Continuing Education Program Leader, Shelly Witt.


Check out the USDA Forest Service Geology & Minerals Training Program

  • Got Bats & Mines?

  • Consider Restoration/Reclamation for Small Abandoned Mines

  • Doing Bat-Mine surveys and need to certify as an examiner? Take Mine Safety.

  • It is taught alternating years - FY08 is the next time you will see it on the GMTO calendar.

  • Ecosystems - geology and minerals play a role too! Find out at Geology & Ecosystems

  • The Geology & Minerals Training Program information as available on the Forest Service internal site. Visit the Minerals & Geology Management internal website. Contact us if you need help finding it.

For an even broader selection of education and training go to our "Other Training" page.

Dropping from Workshops: Once registered you are considered confirmed. Workshops are coordinated based on the minimum number of registered participants. If you are registered and decide to drop, check with us first, just in case we have a waiting list. If there is not a waiting list, you will need to find a substitute or pay fixed costs. The budget has been set and spent based on current confirmation. Workshops might be cancelled due to overall low participant registration. In the case of a workshop being cancelled, registered participants won't be charged (obviously). Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

Accessibility: If you have special needs, such as sign language interpreters, please let the vendor know as soon as you register. We want to provide the very best quality experience and learning.

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Forest Service Continuing Education for Natural Resource Professionals
Author: Shelly Witt, National Continuing Education Coordinator,
BPR staff
Phone: 435-881-4203
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