Fire Management

Fire Prevention is Year Round

The A-S is working hard to manage wildland fires.


  • Jobs in Wildland Fire

    Chantel Herrick pile burning at the Kaibab National Forest

    The next Fire Hire event is December 5 - December 14, 2023. Learn more about fire and aviation management jobs, basic training requirements, and how to apply.

  • Fire Restrictions and Red Flag Warnings

    sign on the a-s

    There are different stages to fire restrictions, which become more prohibitive with each stage. These restriction stages include Stage I, Stage II, and the final stage is implementing a forest closure.

    A red flag warning is a term used by fire weather forecasters to alert fire personnel and the public of potential extreme and critical fire weather due to high winds and low relative humidity.

  • Information About Prescribed Fires

    firefighter with hose

    Many parts of our forest are susceptible to insect infestations, disease, and catastrophic wildfire. It is because of our love of our forest, and our desire to improve its health that we prescribe fire.

    Much like a doctor prescribes medication to a sick patient, Forest Service managers sometimes prescribe fire to improve the health of our local forests.

  • Information About Fire-Related Resources

    fire lookout

    We have put together a list of helpful resources covering current wildfire information, smoke, air quality and your health, weather, wildfire prevention and education, and Forest Service fire and aviation management.

  • Smoke and Air Quality

    FS employee properly extinguishes a campfire

    Wildfires can spread rapidly giving only short notice to nearby residents and can quickly change air quality. The first thing to consider is protecting you and your family’s health from the hazards of smoke.

  • Drones: Know before you fly!

    photo of drone

    Flying drones has become a popular recreational activity recently, but it has also caused serious hazards to aircraft and negatively impacted firefighting operations.  Before flying drones above your public lands, it is important that you become familiar with regulations governing their use. Regulations stipulate where and when drones may be flown, protect wildlife and the environment, and ensure public safety.

    Flying drones within or near wildfires without permission could cause injury to firefighters. Fire managers may suspend aerial firefighting until unauthorized drones leave the area, allowing the fire to grow larger.