Clifton Ranger District


Area Description

The Clifton Ranger District encompasses approximately 550,000 acres with elevations that range from 3,650 to 9,184 that provide for diverse terrestrial and aquatic communities.  Vegetation communities include desert grassland, chaparral, Madrean-pine oak, pinyon/juniper, and ponderosa pine. 


The district contains over 60 miles of stream or rivers that are designated critical habitat for several native fishes and over 132 miles of riparian streams and wetlands, and springs that supply water for a variety of wildlife species.  The District has 18 developed recreation sites and has 67 trails that cover 424 miles on the district.  Climate conditions can vary but generally, the weather is hot and dry during the summer until monsoon moisture arrives in July and cool in the winter with lows being in the thirties.  The Blue Range Primitive Area is located on the upper Blue River watershed and is co-managed with Alpine Ranger District.  A popular attraction to the District is the Coronado Trail, a National Scenic Byway that connects Morenci to Alpine that is very scenic with spectacular overlook views.     

Office Information 

District Ranger: Ed Holloway, Jr.

Phone Number: Voice: (928) 687-8600 TTY: (928) 687-1807

Address: 397240 AZ Hwy 75 Duncan, AZ 85534

Office hours: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Monday to Friday